Newsletter November 2021

What gets measured gets done

More often than not, in many areas of our work or even in our personal life, every one of us are well aware of the fact that there are plenty of things that needs attention so that the work we do bears fruit.

Laying firm foundations for enterprise and entrepreneurship development

Inclusive schooling is an essential prerequisite for the overall development and creation of lasting impact in the lives of children and the communities they live in.

November 2021 Event Highlights

During the month, ten people formed two Joint Liability Groups and one Self-Help Group to examine suitable livelihood options. They took their first step towards financial inclusion and economic growth.

Cardiovascular disease and persons with disability

Persons with disability often self-report reduced access to preventive health services and poorer health than people without disability. Risk factors for chronic disease are more prevalent in persons with disability, increasing risk for secondary conditions including cardiovascular disease (CVD).