‘The role of entrepreneurship is to address societal challenges’.
The current model of economic development based on maximizing shareholder value has failed to deliver inclusive and sustainable development. The potential of entrepreneurship needs to be truly unleashed if we are serious about finding solutions to societal challenges of the day.
This will require us to create an ecosystem that enable community owned enterprises to exist, thrive and prosper. Community ownership of assets puts the community in control, promotes solidarity and helps create unity of purpose. Through widening meaningful participation in decision making processes, community members become active stakeholders with a commitment to articulate, find and evaluate solution options for challenges faced by them.
While subject matter expertise has a vital part to play, we need to allow the space for knowledge gained from the lived experiences of people to inform decision making. Doing this will not only lead to improved outcomes, but will also allow ethical and broader social well being issues to be brought into the realm of governance.
Spurred by this development paradigm, Disability Entrepreneurship and Leadership (DEAL) Foundation is engaged with the question of enterprise and entrepreneurship in building inclusive futures for all. Our goal is to create sustainable livelihoods for 5000 people with disabilities by 2025.

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