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Over 10% of the World’s population of persons with disability around 7 Crore (70 million people) live in
India. (World Bank figures).
While there has been some improvement in access to employment opportunities in urban areas in the
country, a majority of persons with disability in India, live in rural villages and small towns.

Persons with disability have largely remained isolated and socially excluded.

Help us to create opportunities and provide the support they need. 


What we do?

Disability awareness and community sensitization.

Ensuring equitable and inclusive development.


Resilience research

Identifying persons with disability and women members in crises living below poverty line.


Sustainable livelihoods

Providing skills, leadership and entrepreneurship development training and support.


Financial inclusion

Enhancing access to finance for livelihoods.


Local enterprise development

Supporting development of individual and community based start-up enterprise models including disabled and women cooperatives and producer organisations.


Capacity building

Involving persons with disability and women members to promote public accountability and social


How You Can Get Involved

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Disability awareness and community sensitisation

Ensuring equitable and inclusive development. We provide information, advice, training, and support to raise awareness on:

  • Disability issues,
  • Independent living and barriers to participation;
  • Rights and entitlements of persons with disability;
  • Equal opportunity and mainstreaming disability across development.

Create sustainable livelihood opportunities for five thousand persons across Karnataka




What We Do

At DEAL Foundation, we work to build individual and community resilience and help create and maintain work for persons with disability and women members.

We work with households of persons with disability and women members from farming backgrounds to

  • Reduce reliance on agriculture income.
  • Diversify farm-based income generation opportunities.
  • Improve natural recycling, soil fertility, and conservation.
  • Improve biodiversity and environmental sustainability.
  • Improve yield and productivity.
  • Improve nutrition and diet.
  • Improve income levels and standard of living.
  • Improve net profit growth and fixed income.

Our Mission

Identifying persons with disability and women members in crises living below poverty line.People are at the heart of everything we do. We assess individual needs for livelihood support based on their individual needs and circumstances.We use the findings from our Sustainable Livelihoods Survey to build a complete understanding of the socio-economic and disability context. Using this information, we work with individuals and their family members to co-produce a personalised vision and livelihood plan. And undertake periodic monitoring and review.

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We promote participatory approaches to the design, development, and delivery of livelihood support interventions. Our aim is to bridge the gap between consultation, collaboration, and empowerment as it results in

  • Better alignment of need and opportunity;
  • Increased efficiency of program delivery;
  • Inclusive and equitable outcomes;
  • Community ownership and sustainability.

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A world where individual ability, not disability, counts.

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