Our Story

Our story goes back around seven years, to our founders Surendra and Elizabeth Shroff. Armed with a passion for and experience of disability first-hand, they had a vision to involve persons with disability as ‘Change Makers’ and  co-produce livelihood opportunities for value creation for a sustainable and  inclusive future  for all.

We started off simply with a pilot at Bengaluru providing entrepreneurial skills development training for persons with disability.  And while that was very successful in promoting access to training and employment opportunities for persons with disability, we realised that it fell short of creating the multiplier effect in terms of promoting wider social, economic and environmental impact.

We see our role as a catalyst working with persons with disability and communities they live in.  And believe that they alone are best placed to realise their true potential to transform individual lives and create shared value for the greater good.

We are still evolving.  We focus on one individual, one goal and one outcome at a time – always attempting to be the best at what we do.

We work with our partners and supporters to invest resources judiciously to create a lasting impact in the lives of persons with disability and the communities they live in.

This is done through:

  • Training on issues of disability and inclusion. 
  • Survey to map individual needs and requirements.
  • Goal setting based on individual and family circumstances.
  • Entitlement check for eligible benefits. 
  • Provision of livelihood training and support.
  • Access to finance and bank linkage for income generation activities.
  • Incubation and market linkage support.
  • Monitoring and course correction for improved outcomes.

Our Vision

A world where individual ability, not disability, counts.

Our mission

To build resilience and help create and maintain work for persons with disability.

Our Goals

Facilitate development of a community-based start-up and entrepreneurship model that can
be scaled-up to create sustainable rural livelihoods for 3000 persons with disability and
1000 women members covering 7 taluks, 138 Gram Panchayats and 346 revenue villages across
Gadag district in North Karnataka by 2028.

    Core Values

    • Sustainability
    • Transparency
    • Inclusion and equality
    • Fairness
    • Innovation and continuous improvement
    • Autonomy
    • Integrity


    • Establish an integrated farming system (IFS) model farm and environment education centre at Mevundi in Gadag District in North Karnataka.
    • Create disability self-help-groups and  community based organisations that are run and managed by persons with disability.
    • Support the development of model social enterprises that are run and managed by persons with disability.
    • Establish an inclusive entrepreneurship digital training and incubation centre at Bengaluru.
    •  Build partnerships with community organisations and education institutions, government, non government  and private sector organisations to promote best practice.

    OUR Focus

    At Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership Foundation we:

    • Build individual and community resilience.
    • Develop individual skills for work and social participation.
    • Equip participants to find and evaluate livelihood and enterprise development opportunities.
    • Create sustainable livelihoods for independent living.
    • Create wider social gains.

    We do this by engaging  :

    • People with Disabilities, their families and their wider community.
    • Non governmental, disability and community organizations.
    • Business organizations and enterprises in the private sector.
    • Public sector organizations and academic institutions.

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