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Disability awareness and community sensitization.

We provide information, advice, training and support to raise awareness on disability issues

  •  Independent living and barriers to participation.
  •  Rights and entitlements of persons with disability.
  •  Equal opportunity and mainstreaming disability across development.

Some of our key achievements over the financial year 2022 include:

  • 5000 persons trained on disability issues.
  • 106 Networking links developed with Panchayat Raj Institutions across Gadag District.
  • Launch of Swavlambhan Change Makers Award to recognise, celebrate and promote persons with
    disability as community role models.

Disability inclusion:
Disability inclusion has continued to evolve in India. India signed and ratified the United Nations
Convention on the Rights of Persons With Disability (UN CRPD) in 2006. It replaced the old legislation
on disability titled the People with Disabilities ACT of 2005 with a new rights-based legislation titled
‘Rights of persons with disabilities ACT 2016’. This ACT covers 21 disability categories as compared
to 7 categories covered by the earlier legislation.Over 10% of the World’s population of persons with disability around 7 Crore (70 million people) live
in India. (World Bank figures).

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