Covid-19 Response

DEAL Foundation’s response to the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has been informed by its network of self-help groups across village communities and partner organizations working in the district of Gadag.

This has helped develop a sense of the situation on the ground and promote understanding of what needs to be done immediately and in the medium-term to provide support to at risk and vulnerable communities.

Immediate and medium-term support provided to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on lives and livelihoods include:

  • Awareness on Covid appropriate behavior and the need for vaccination.
  • Online registration for vaccination and follow-through with the local PHC.
  • Chaperone services for persons receiving vaccination.
  • General health advisory on managing quarantine and Covid symptoms.
  • Subsistence and livelihood assistance for persons with disability.
  • Psychological and online counselling.
  • Increase capacity for Covid screening and
  • Monitoring of people with symptoms and at risk groups in the community.
SL NoName of the TalukName of the Gram PanchayathName of the Prmiary Health Care (PHC)
1MundargiHammigiHammigi PHC
2 KalakeriKalakeri PHC
3 BagewadiBagewadi PHC
4 HerevaddattiHerevaddatti PHC
5 DambalaDambala PHC
6 KadampuraKadampura PHC
7 Janthaly-SiruruJanthaly-Siruru PHC
1Gadag Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS)
2Gadag Maternity Hospital
3Mundargi Taluk Hospital

Long-term changes and support:

DEAL Foundation is consulting stakeholders to identify change and support issues that need to be addressed to ensure effective recovery from the Pandemic and to build individual and community resilience

  • What problem should DEAL Foundation seek to solve?
  • Why do you believe this problem needs to be addressed?
  • Does this problem matter to other people?
  • Do you believe DEAL Foundation is in a position to address this problem?
  • Are there changes you believe DEAL Foundation can make that can help recover from the Pandemic?
  • What are these changes?
  • How do you see DEAL Foundation   emerging from this Pandemic?
  • How would you want things to be different post the Pandemic?
  • Does what you want to see post the Pandemic help you connect on a personal level with others?

For further information on our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, please e-mail us at:

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