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Sustainable livelihoods.

At DEAL Foundation, we work to build individual and community resilience and help create and
maintain work for persons with disability and women members.

Through our partner network we provide training and support on income generation activities. This
includes, agriculture, dairy, vermicomposting, horticulture, kitchen gardening, floriculture,
apiculture, poultry, goat and sheep rearing and allied activities viz., tailoring, food processing and
start-up of micro small and medium enterprise businesses.

What We Do

We work with households of persons with disability and women members from farming
backgrounds to:

  • Reduce reliance on agriculture income.
  • Diversify farm-based income generation opportunities.
  • Improve natural recycling, soil fertility and conservation.
  • Improve biodiversity and environmental sustainability.
  • Improve yield and productivity.
  • Improve nutrition and diet.
  • Improve income levels and standard of living.
  • Improve net profit growth and fixed income.

Societies the world over are deprived of an estimated US$1.37 to 1.94 trillion in annual loss in GDP, due to the lack of access to gainful employment for people with disabilities. (ILO)

    Some of our key achievements over the financial year 2022 include:

    • 147 persons with disability and 160 women members trained and engaged in income
      generation activities.
    • MSME businesses start-ups.
    • Establishment of two community-based Arambha Svaudyog Kendra (ASK) Centres across
      Mevundi and Gadag.

    You will find useful publications which are free to download. Based on demand, respective publications have been produced in Kannada.