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The ASK centers that will be established by Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation across seven taluks of Gadag district mainly aim at assisting persons with disabilities involve themselves in life sustaining activity such as tailoring, roti making, candle making, etc. 

On the other hand, as most of us would agree accurate and up to date information on all aspects are integral to carry out day to day activities instantaneously, unfortunately this has been one of the major setbacks for persons with disabilities. 

Most persons having a disability lack the required information on essential aspects that would benefit them and support them to be in power with the rest of the society. 

This has therefore hindered the growth of persons with disabilities and has also led to many disabled persons feeling lost or left behind. 

As a solution to this, we at Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership Foundation aim to provide up to date and accurate information concerning persons with disabilities at each ASK center. 

By doing this we believe that while persons with disabilities are working towards sustaining themselves, they can also become self-conscious of all essential aspects essential to enable them to lead a dignified life. 

Hence these ASK centers established us is a one stop destination that helps persons with disabilities lead an independent life and provide essential information on all aspects of disability. 

To do this in an efficient manner, we identified seven taluks, Mundargi, Gadag, Shirahatti, Ron, Lakshmeshwar, Gajendragad, and Nargund where these ASK centers would be set up. 

By doing this, all persons with disabilities across the district of Gadag will be able to derive its benefits. 

These seven ASK centers across Gadag district will be established and managed by our Livelihood Officer but is solely meant for the overall development and sustenance of persons with disabilities. Hence these centers are run by persons with disabilities themselves. 

By doing this, persons with disabilities are involved in life sustaining activities as well as are also able to improve their other soft skills essential for work. 

The first ASK center was launched at Mundargi taluk in Gadag district and has been successful in carrying out its activities. 

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