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Dear readers, hope still keeping in line with my previous blogs, where in our main focus was on analysing what is entrepreneurship and  weather it is a platform where success can be achieved. In this blog I would be sharing my views on the different contexts where entrepreneurial skills can be applied to become an entrepreneur. therefore I would like to begin by addressing the key question, Is entrepreneurship limited?

I start this blog with this question as most of us believe or of the view that entrepreneurship is limited to only starting up a business.

In my personal opinion I would say no, entrepreneurship is not only starting a business but doing anything that is of your interest or being creative about anything that is of interest to you.


So have I now got you confused?  


When one uses their own iniciative to persue their interest, dispite the odds we can say they are being entrepronorial.   Let me make things more clear to you by sharing you my own personal example, my nature of interest lies in developing content. in order to grow as a content developer, I try and develop the necessary skills that is required to become a successful content developer  by reading books, articles, essays, and blogs. By doing this, I home in my entrepronorial skills which results in entrepreneurship development.

To take this example further, if I then setup in business as a content developer,  I would be an entrepreneur. But of course the concept of entrepreneurshipcan be influenced  due to several factors,such as , Where you live weather you have access to the internet. For instance for a person living in the urban area where everything is digitalised his views of entrepreneurship or becoming an entrepreneur will be different as he will have different interests. Where as for a person living in the rural area where agriculture is the major source of livelihood his views on entrepreneurship or becoming an entrepreneur will be entirely different. In order to build awareness among the people of the rural community about the different aspects that they can involve in, the disability entrepreneurship and leadership foundation, (deal foundation) have iniciated a work shop conducted on the 21st of this month, the main objective of the work shop is to Examine the changing landscape of entrepreneurship and leadership 

development as it relates to people with disabilities. The work shop will help Synthesize learning from best practice to enhance personal effectiveness and build 

individual and community resilience.

To access the work shop programme, and other details click on the link at the end of this blog. Hope to see a good turn out with people putting forth their views on how we can get better at getting things right, especially for those who might be at a disadvantage. I will be back again soon, in the meantime, I’d love to hear from you.