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Joint Liability Group formation

During the month a total of 10 people formed 2 Joint Liability Groups with assistance from DEAL Foundation to examine suitable livelihood options.

Bank loan application

DEAL Foundation assisted two Joint Liability Groups in applying for bank loan to pursue suitable livelihood options.


Vermicompost harvesting and pit filling activities continued at our Horticulture Training Plot at Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Livelihood Programme

Sidhappa and Naganagouda from Kadampura village in Gadag district are now involved in agriculture and horticulture activities after attending our ‘Livelihoods Programme.’

Kawsar Banu and her husband from Dambala village in Gadag district started their own fruit business at Dambala market.

Vanajakshi, a member of ‘Renukadevi Joint Liability Group’ started her own roti making business in Halligudi village in Gadag district.

Hulagappa from Hosa Dambala village in Gadag district is now involved in multiple income generation activities.

Tailoring training

Tailoring training continued at our Tailoring & Apparel Training Unit at Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Mango seedlings

Mango seedlings were collected from dump site in Dharwad and brought to Shiggaon to nurse them.

Poultry farming

Poultry farming activities commenced at Shiggaon farm in Haveri district.

Forthcoming Event Highlights:

  • Two new Joint Liability Groups with ten persons with disabilities to be established
  • Bank linkage for tow Joint Liability Groups to be established
  • Capacity Building and Livelihoods Training to be continued
  • Tailoring training activities to be continued
  • DSFYR work
  • Vermicompost preparation work
  • Guava and curry leaves harvesting and marketing
  • FPO preparation work
  • Bee-keeping activities to commence

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