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Group Formation in Mevundi Panchayath Ekalaspura

During the month, a total of 40 people with disabilities formed 4 Joint Liability Groups, 1 Self Help Group  to examine suitable livelihood options

Shree-Vikalachenar-JLG bank account opening in Janthly-Siruru Village

The other main event was that 6 joint liability groups of 30 people with disabilities,  have taken their first step to financial inclusion through opening up of JLG bank accounts. 

Capacity building Training Doni Village JLG  and  Livelihood training Dambal village Jamalsavali JLG

Capacity building  and Livelihood training sessions were held at Doni and Dambla.

 Shree-Renukadevi JLG Bank Loan Application  process 

Ekalaspura Shree Renukadevi joint liability group bank loan application submitted in Mevundi branch  

 Mundargi-Hobali-Kalakeri village survey 

Sustainable livelihoods survey and needs mapping was held at Mundargi hobli Kalakeri village

Forthcoming event highlights:

  • 10 new JLG’S including 50 people with disabilities to be established.
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for 8 JLG’S scheduled to for September.
  • Livelihood and Entitlement check training session have been planned for September.
  • Member’s entitlement check will be completed for 26 JLG during September.
  • Work underway to establish the Tailoring & Apparels Social Enterprise.
  • Training on Guava plant layering using 400 trees to commence in September.  
  • People with disabilities engaged in production and marketing of produce grown by them.
  • MOU between DEAL Foundation & University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad renewed.
  • New community outreach sustainable livelihood training centre   to be established at Shiggaon to provide services to 1500 households of people with disabilities across Laxmeshwar and Shiggaon Taluks.
  • Digital enterprise training and incubation centre to be established in Bengaluru.

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