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All of us in the world today expect to see a change in everything we do without which one gets a feeling that the world is a dull and a boring place to live in.

This is no different when persons with disabilities and other weaker sections of the society are concerned.

Here are a few steps one needs to keep in mind in order to become an effective change maker.

  • Recognize your place in the world:

It is very important to understand that all change begins with the self. But before one wants to change oneself, it is important to analyse oneself and identify one’s imperatives and obstacles and also understand the place one occupies outside oneself. By doing this one can change things that are necessary without taking in to consideration the negative attitudes of oneself.

  • Be empathetic:

Every individual has a struggle of their own. Most of the time, we are wrapped up in our own worries and struggles or feel victorious in our achievements that we fail to see that the other person is struggling to at least be able to sustain himself. Hence if change has to take place, it is important to have our eyes and ears open to the needs of other and lend a helping hand so that there is equal balance in the society.

  • Grow in generosity:

When we take some time out to look back in to our lives to analyse and recall all the wonderful abilities talents, skills etc. we are blessed with, it is equally important to turn the other side and be able to see that there are a whole lot of others specially women, children, and persons with disabilities who feel helpless and lost, hence the act of generosity comes in to play.

  • Be an inspiration by doing what you love:

Most of us tend to neglect and give up on doing things we actually like doing. It can include spending quality time with family and friends, taking time out to do some voluntary service, etc. by neglecting such small things, we lose our own identity and become too rigid in our ways. This can’t contribute to effective change making. Hence it is important to do things we love, and if we are not sure of what it is, it is important to take time to find out.

  • Give things the importance they deserve:

As we are all aware every individual is unique, hence every individual deserves the time and value that one deserves.

More often than not we are too focused on other aspects of life that we hardly get the time to relax and give sufficient time for people around us. By doing this, we tend to miss out on more important things, the most important person who deserves time is you. Your presence and absence to people and situations make positive or negative impacts based on you taking the time to analyze and know what is important, and what is not.


Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation works to promote livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities across the districts of gadag and Bengaluru.

One of the main aspects the foundation is working to achieve is to bring about effective change within the disabled community.

To do this, we identify the skills, talents, abilities and needs of an individual, and work towards helping them find suitable livelihood option that would help them live independently and see a change first in themselves and then become effective change makers.

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