Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership Foundation, a member of CBR network joins universities, state governments, non-government organizations, and disabled persons organizations in calling for the establishment of Disability Inclusion Council of India. This call comes in wake of the need for a more flexible and state specific approach for addressing inclusion issues of persons with disabilities and their families.

The proposed Disability Inclusion Council of India would be set up as a statutory body by a new act of parliament ‘Disability Inclusion Act 2020’ with the following objectives:

  • Facilitate the inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in the development programmes in different ministries by preparing road maps / bench marks for inclusion.
  • Advise the ministries on emerging issues relating to people with disability.
  • Organize and disseminate digital online library of resources on different aspects/ research/ impact studies/ policies on disability for use by the ministries and state departments.
  • Disseminate and document the achievements of central and state governments,/ universities/ NGOs/ parent organization and disability peoples organizations/ self-help groups at national and global levels.
  • Advise public authorities about the content and implementation of disability inclusion action plans.
  • Promote and develop community awareness on the inclusion of people with disability in the community and promote community awareness of matters concerning the interests of people with disability and their families.
  • Consult And Networks/ Authorities/ with similar councils and bodies engaged in the development.
  • Advocate on inclusion of girls/ women with disabilities/ senior citizens with disabilities in the mainstream development programmes.
  • Promote inclusion of people with disabilities in the aspirational districts to develop them as a model of inclusion.

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