Dear readers, for those of you who have read my earlier blogs,  you will know that I have been sharing my views about entrepreneurship. At a personal level I find this topic to be both engaging and one filled with annormous challenges. Having worked in data processing within the I.T.industry,  I made a conscious decision to swop this for my current role as a content developer.   

I now work within the not-for-profit sector with Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership Foundation  (DEAL Foundation) based in Bengaluru.

 I wonder about the reason for this change.

 Was this because I believe that I’m entrepreneurial and could try my hand at something new or was this because I just needed a change? I will let you be the best judge about this.

As the name indicates DEAL Foundation works with people with disabilities and their families to build individual and community resilience through entrepreneurship and leadership development.

The thing most fascinating about this work and one with which I’m struck the most, is how human beings with so little can feel supported and empowered to improve their lot.

So, when I put my own life into perspective, I find that what most of us need is the opportunity and I think that:

A true entrepreneur is one who with little or no help creates this opportunity and uses it to realise his dreams.

Of course, you may have a different view to the one set out by me. I would love to hear from you.

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