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As is widely known, the Sahakari Krishi Pattin Cooperative Bank was initially established in Kanagin Hal, located in the Gadag Taluk. Its primary objective is to stimulate economic growth among farmers by providing financial support for agricultural activities.

The DEAL Foundation initiated a Co-operative Society for Disabled Persons at the ASK Kendra in the Mevundi village of Mundaragi Taluk, within the Gadag district. The core aim is to empower disabled individuals to lead self-reliant lives and engage in self-employment. Within this society, thirteen individuals have been elected as board members. From this group of thirteen, a president, vice-president, secretary, and computer operator were chosen on behalf of the DEAL Foundation organization. They are responsible for managing the required documents, including software, vouchers, and bond passbooks, necessary for cooperative business. The board members convene monthly meetings to discuss the society’s interests. For further details, refer to the July News Report.

The Cooperative Society of Mevundi marked its one-year anniversary on August 23, 2023. The annual meeting was held at the premises of the DEAL Foundation’s ASK Center in the Mevundi village. In attendance were Mr Durga Prasad, the Manager of KVG Bank in Mundaragi Taluk, Gadag District, former Mevundi Village President Devika Harogeri, Jyoti Tarikoppa, Chaya Joshi, President of Betigeri Gram Panchayat Andappa Chila Godar, Directors, President, Vice President, Members of the Cooperative Society, and all Executives of the DEAL Foundation. In total, more than 150 disabled people and women participated in the event.

Renuka Kallalli presented the program, and the dignitaries were welcomed by Veena Shakhanavara. Ms Uma Chil Gowder, Program Manager at the DEAL Foundation, provided information about self-help groups for disabled and women, cooperative society, and self-employment activities such as producing roti, HHI products, and cultivating fruits like curry, guava, and tamarind.

Renuka Kallalli, the Livelihood Officer of Mundaragi Taluk at the DEAL Foundation and Chief Executive Officer of the Cooperative Society, explained the Cooperative Society’s progress during its first year at the Annual General Meeting. Over the past year, they have improved the savings accounts of self-help societies for differently-abled persons by offering them loans at low-interest rates, thus enhancing their financial conditions. They have also encouraged these individuals to become shareholders and participate in various professional activities, including candle-making, dairy farming, sheep and goat rearing, bread trading, and various other small businesses. Offering financial assistance at low-interest rates has enabled disabled individuals to achieve economic growth. People with disabilities are saving money through deposits in cooperative societies and have become self-employed by securing loans from these cooperative society. Sesame technology is employed for transactions and record-keeping.

In this manner, the cooperative society has positively impacted disabled individuals and women within its first year. In the coming year, the aim is to include more disabled individuals and women as shareholders, provide them with credit facilities and training, and facilitate their employment. The cooperative society aspires to expand and become a district-level cooperative society.

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