I think it is only human not to be hard on and be able to excuse oneself  from time-to-time. In the main, we all seem to do it consciously. For example, a bit of extra indulgence over a good meal or   even better still, New Year resolutions that most people find very hard to keep.

Perhaps, there is no real harm  so far as one discounts or excuses oneself consciously. However, if this then becomes a mind set one needs to become aware of the sounding alarm bells.   

I often reflect to keep track of  everyday instances in my life to see how I’m doing.

I ask myself:  Do I count without discount? And how has this contributed to my overall wellbeing?

I feel this has helped me understand the human condition a bit better and appreciate life. 

Some time or the other,  most of us have felt counted and yet discounted. This has been quite an issue especially for people with disabilities. 

No doubt we have come a long way in changing the negative mind set and social attitudes about disability. Upon closer reflection, there is still a long way to go before people with disabilities are accepted and included for who they are.

You will be familiar with the saying, “do not judge a book by its cover”. Doing so prevents one from realising its intrinsic worth.

So the sooner society can get away from labelling and excluding people with disabilities, along with everyone and everything else about which it has strongly entrenched views we would have taken another leap forward in counting what really matters. 

I’m sure you may have different views to the ones expressed by me in this blog. I would love to hear from you.


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