New joint Liability group formation

During the month 6 persons formed a Joint Liability group in Harogeri village to examine suitable livelihood options.

Joint liability Group bank opening activity

A Joint Liability group of 5 members have taken the first step to financial inclusion through opening of JLG bank account.

Capacity Building Training conducted at Tamargundi and Harogeri villages

We conducted capacity building training for eleven Joint Liability Groups in the villages of Tamargundi and Harogeri.

Issuance of Niramaya Health Card by Gram Panchayat

We assisted 6 mentally disabled children (4 girls and 2 boys) within age group of 9 and 12 years to avail Niramaya Health Card from the Gram Panchayat at Doni village.

Field mint and spearmint crop sowing at DEAL Foundation Horticulture Training Block

During the month we sowed field mint and spear mint at our Horticulture Training block in Mevundi village in Gadag District.

Local marketing for organic guava and curry leaves

We marketed organic guava and curry leaves from our Parisara Sannidhi project area in Mevundi village in Gadag district.

World Soil Day celebration and Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) training at DEAL Activity Center

DEAL Foundation staff along with our tailoring trainees, members of JLGs and SHGs attended World Soil Day celebration and FPO training conducted by Agriculture Department Gadag. Also in attendance were members of Agriculture Education Extension Unit (AEEU) University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad, Reliance Foundation, Agriculture Department Mundargi and organic farmers.

Vermicompost pit preparation

After harvesting vermicompost at our agriculture unit in Mevundi village last month, we have commenced vermicompost pit preparation work.

Fundraising Drive

Work was undertaken to produce the DEAL Foundation 2021 Diary and launch the ‘Sustainable Livelihood’ fundraising drive in the lead-up to the New Year.

Sustainable Livelihood Baseline Survey Mundargi Hobli

Delayed due to the Pandemic, scoping work for conducting the SLBS across villages in Mundargi Hobli was undertaken. The survey will be completed by March 2021 with detailed community needs mapping and will help inform the roll-out of the sustainable livelihoods programme

Early Intervention Pilot

Working in collaboration with CBR Network, Karnataka State Rural Development & PanchayatRaj University (KSRDPRU), District Early Intervention Centre Gadag Dambla Hobli was identified to launch Diploma in Pre-School Education which will be rolled out across 51 Anganwadis and help raise the standard of Early Intervention Services & Support provided to all children including those with special needs.

Forthcoming event highlights:

  • 3 new JLG’S including 15 people with disabilities to be established.
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for 2 JLG’S.
  • 2 Bank loan linkages
  • Capacity building and livelihood training
  • Tailoring and apparel training to be continued
  • DSFYR work
  • Vermicompost preparation work to be continued
  • Guava and curry leaves harvest and marketing
  • Curry leaves plant preparation
  • Commencing of dairy activities
  • FPO preparation work.

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