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As we would all well agree water is the most essential natural resource for life on earth. Though scarce in abundance, its importance is tremendous.

More importantly for good health, pure water and sanitation is very essential. Unfortunately this has been a rising problem particularly in the rural areas.

Though there has been a great deal of improvement due to the schemes introduced by the government in the past few years, the new World Health Organization (WHO) report shows that, while progress has been made, 2.5 billion people around the world still do not have access to improved sanitation and 748 million people have no access to an improved drinking water supply.

This calls for serious action as, lack of clean water could lead to the risk of cholera, typhoid and hepatitis. Hence it is important to take measures such as.

  • Reducing the number of people practicing open defecation
  • Increasing the number of people with access to basic sanitation facilities
  • Improving the affordability and availability of sanitation products and services
  • Increasing the amount of faecal waste effectively captured and treated on-site, or collected, transported, and treated offsite
  • Improving the ability of educational and health systems to manage sanitation and hygiene facilities in institutions
  • Increasing the number of people with safely managed sanitation services.
  • Increasing handwashing with soap at critical times
  • Increasing the rate of safe management of household drinking water in order to improve the quality of water and sanitation facilities.

Much as the general public suffers from the problem of lack of pure water and sanitation facilities, persons with disabilities have also been victims to the same problem and to larger extent as it would be difficult for them to have access to pure drinking water and clean toilets. This could be either due to one’s disability or lack of availability of facilities in their place of residence.

Most persons with physical or sensory disability are not able to walk for miles in order to get pure drinking water. Sometimes these persons could also be suffering due to lack of support from dependents.

Hence it would always be safe and better if every household has access to clean drinking water and good sanitation facilities within the house or at a convenient place for all.

Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation works across the district of Gadag. As a part of our work we ensure that all households are aware of the benefits of consuming pure water, and good sanitation facilities. We also ensure that every household have access to clean water. To do this we educate our beneficiaries and also promote awareness through visits to households of persons with disabilities.

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