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Disability in the society is more often than not viewed as a problem that has no solution. Hence persons with disabilities are deprived of education, employment, and proper health care services.

Due to this, persons with disabilities are confined to their homes which do not give them the opportunity to explore suitable options that would help them become independent. This unfortunately has become a major issue as persons with disabilities do want to venture out and live like the rest of them as free and independent individuals.

As a solution to this ongoing problem, Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation actively works across the district of gadag to promote sustainable livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities. We firmly believe in helping persons with disabilities explore suitable livelihood option for themselves so as to help them develop in them the required self-confidence and also instill in them the ability to analyse and understand themselves better.

To do this in an efficient manner, and to help them identify the suitable option, we think they first need to be acquainted with the different available options. We conduct a number of trainings on different aspects such as candle making, tailoring, kitchen gardening, bee box production, paper bag production etc.

During the last month the members of the foundation has provided a training on paper bag production to two self-help groups Samrtha SHG and Samruddi Divya Jyothi school in Gadag district.

The training was provided to about 21 persons with disabilities and all of them found it to be very useful and something that they could consider doing in order to help them become financially independent.

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