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Just imagine, an alien who has descended on this wonderful planet of ours and finds himself to be lost and confused.

Humour me and just look at life from his point of view.

The alien is not able to understand:

 Why most humans are engrossed with mobiles yet fail to acknowledge each other’s presence let alone communicate with one another;

Why there are thriving online communities yet individuals are isolated and lonely;

Why people wish to collaborate yet find it necessary to write each other off;

You get my drift. In this fast pace of life, should we take a moment to ask ourselves where are we headed and what do we really want?

What ever happened to good old values like ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’   

Technology as we know it has revolutionised the way we communicate, work and live our lives.

Our sense of family, community and society all continue to evolve and change against a highly individualistic and self-centred paradigm.

While many things in our society leave a lot to be desired, I’m still hopeful.

Once in a while we come across something that restores our faith in humanity. A kind act from a stranger. A genuine offer of help when you are most in need.

 It is encouraging and refreshing to see how family values are protected and nurtured in indigenous communities.

How what sociologists describe as the ‘We feeling’ has been instrumental in maintaining family and community integrity.

I have had the privilege to see this at work in my current role at DEAL Foundation.

I have been associated with a family of ten of whom two individuals are children with multiple disabilities. Social apathy, lack of awareness and access meant that these children and many others like them are just written off. The family continues to rally around and do their best to improve the life chances and opportunities for these children. They are part of a programme which seeks to build individual and community resilience.

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