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Most times persons with disabilities are confined to their homes and are hence deprived of good education, employment and the basic opportunities to venture out in to the world and prove themselves to the society.

This has unfortunately been a persisting problem for many centuries, but with changing times, persons with disabilities have come to realise that they are also capable of proving themselves if given a chance to do so.

As a part of the solution to the on-going problem, we at the Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation think the first step to solving this is by identifying persons with disabilities, their background, their strengths, weaknesses, etc.

By doing this, we believe that just as they are identified, they are also given the right platform to establish their career.

The foundation actively works across 7 taluks Gadag, Nargund, Ron, Shirahatti, Mundargi, Lakshmeshwar, and Gajendragad of Gadag district. The main aim of the foundation is to promote sustainable livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities and women members across the district.

In order to do this in a systematic and efficient manner, we conduct a door to door survey seeking answers to questions pertaining to their disability, passion and also their weaknesses. By doing this, we promote awareness and try to help them establish their career of their choice.

And the persons with disabilities will also be able to get the required confidence and help them analyse their skills which would help them achieve what they think is possible.

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