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January 2021 Event Highlights

New Joint Liability Group formation

During the month, a total of 21 people formed 4 Joint Liability Groups at Eklasapura village in Gadag district to examine sustainable livelihood options.

Joint Liability Groups bank account opening activities

3 Joint Liability Groups of 15 people have taken the first step to financial inclusion by opening JLG bank accounts.

Capacity Building Training

During the month we conducted Capacity Building Training for 8 Joint Liability Groups at Tamaragundi and Harogeri villages.

New Year celebrations by our Tailoring and apparel trainees

New year celebrations by our tailoring and apparel trainees at our tailoring training unit in Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Skill and Capacity Building Training for JLG and SHG members

DEAL Foundation in association with Karnataka State Department of Agriculture (KSDA) conducted capacity building training for joint liability groups and self-help groups in Mevundi village in Gadag District to examine sustainable livelihood options.

Organic guava and curry leaves marketing

Local marketing of organic guava and curry leaves continued during the month.

Vermicompost pit preparation

Vermicompost pit preparation work at our horticulture unit at Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Media coverage 30-01-2021

CityTV Gadag did a coverage on DEAL Foundation’s activities at our project site in Mevundi village in Gadag district on 30-01-2021.

Horticulture and apiculture training

Shiva Kumar, our training coordinator attended training sessions on horticulture and apiculture at Desai Farms in Shiggaon in Haveri district.

Forthcoming event highlights:

  • 3 new JLGs including 15 people with disabilities to be established
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for 2 JLGs
  • Bank loan linkage for 2 JLGs
  • Capacity building and livelihood training to be conducted
  • Tailoring and apparel training to continue
  • DSFYR work
  • Vermicompost preparation work to commence
  • Guava and curry leaves harvest and marketing
  • Curry leaves plant preparation
  • Commencement of dairy activity
  • FPO preparation work

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