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January 2022 Event Highlights

New Groups Formation:

During the month, we formed two new groups, ‘Manushree Joint Liability Group’ in Churchihal village and ‘Janani Self-Help Group’ in Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Bank Account opening:

Group bank accounts were opened for the new groups ‘Manushree Joint Liability Group and Janani Self-Help Group.

Loan application:

We assisted members of Ashirwad Joint Liability Group from Ramenahalli village in applying for group loan at Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank Dambal branch.

Skill Training Programme:

We conducted a youth skill training programme in collaboration with Agriculture Extension Education Center (AEEC) Gadag. This programme was intended to train youth on income generation activities.

Paper bags and biscuit making training:

Kitchen gardening and sheep rearing training:

Bee keeping training:

Farmer Producer Company (FPC) training:

Training on preparation of kumkuma:

Certificate distribution:

Training for Joint Liability Group members:

We provided training on income generation activities to members of Shri Puttaraj Joint Liability Group and Shri Netravathi Joint Liability Group at Harogeri village in Gadag district.

Group meetings:

We conducted monthly group meetings for Joint Liability Group members at Harogeri, Petalur and Venkatapur villages in Gadag district.

Bee keeping training:

We provided training in beekeeping to Eshwara Gowda, a farmer from Baradur village in Gadag district. This will enable him to start his own beekeeping venture as a source of livelihood.


Vermicompost harvesting and pit filling work continued at our agriculture / horticulture plot at Mevundi in Gadag district.

Tailoring training:

Tailoring and apparel training classes continued at our training center at Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Forthcoming event highlights:

  • Two new Joint Liability Groups, including ten persons with disability to be established
  • Bank linkage for two Joint Liability Groups
  • Group capacity building and livelihood training
  • Tailoring and apparel training to continue
  • Vermicompost preparation work
  • Guava and curry leaves harvest and marketing
  • FPO preparation work
  • Cooperative Society registration work

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