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July 2022 Event Highlights

New group formation:

During the month a total of 142 members formed 14 Self-Help Groups at Mundargi, Shirahatti, Lakshmeshwara and Gadag to explore suitable livelihood potions.

Bank account opening:

Amruthasri Self-Help Group and Huligemmadevi Joint Liability Group took their first step towards financial inclusion by opening their bank accounts at KCC Bank Mundargi and KVG Bank Kalkeri.

Creating awareness about disability:

We visited all Gram Panchayat offices in Gadag and Shirahatti taluks and put up posters about 21 types of disability as per RPWD Act 2016.

Disability Awareness and Community Sensitization Programs:

We organized disability awareness and community sensitization programs at Magadi and Lakkundi villages in Gadag district.

Leadership and Financial Literacy trainings:

We conducted leadership and financial literacy trainings for 4 Self-Help Groups

Monthly group meetings:

Monthly group meetings were conducted for Self-Help Group members.

Tailoring training:

Tailoring training continued for women at our tailoring and apparel training unit at Mevundi village in Gadag district.


Vermicompost harvesting and pit filling work at our agriculture and horticulture plot at Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Forthcoming event highlights:

  • 15 new Self-Help Groups including 10 persons with disability to be formed
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for 2 Joint Liability Groups
  • Capacity building and livelihood training for Joint Liability and Self-Help Groups
  • Tailoring training to continue
  • Vermicompost harvesting and pit filling work
  • Guava and curry leaves harvesting and marketing
  • Baseline survey at Mundargi and Shirahatti taluks
  • Disability awareness and community sensitization programs to be held
  • ASK center to be established at Gadag