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July Event Highlights

Bhumika Disabled JLG Dambala

During the month, a total of 50 people with disabilities formed 10  Joint Liability Groups to examine suitable livelihood options. 

Shri Gowri JLG bank account opening in KVG Bank, Mevundi

The other main event was that 5 joint liability groups  of 25 people with disabilities,  have taken their first step to financial inclusion through opening up of JLG bank accounts. 

DEAL Foundation Horticulture Plot

The monsoon and sowing season brings new hope. Foxtail and finger millet being sowed at the deal foundation horticulture plot. 

Kowsarbanu Vermicompost training in Ekalaspura village

Kowsarbanu’s initiative to increase income levels through vermicompost production. 

Haitapura kitchen garden activity.

Annapurna receives kitchen gardening training to improve nourishment and increase self-sufficiency.

Forthcoming event highlights:

  • Renewal of MOU between University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad and DEAL Foundation.
  • 10 new JLG’S including 50 people with disabilities to be established.
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for 8 JLGs.
  • Roll out of disability awareness RPWD act training in Dumbla hobli.
  • Commencement of sustainable livelihoods survey and needs mapping in Mundargi hobli.