June 2021 Event Highlights

Joint liability Group formation

During the month a total of five people formed a Joint Liability Group in Harogeri Village to examine sustainable livelihood options.

Joint Liability Groups bank linkage

Two Joint Liability groups, ‘Petaluru Lakshmi JLG’ and “Sri Daymanbika JLG’ successfully applied for bank linkages.

Bank account opening activity

The other main event was that one Joint Liability Group of five members have taken their first step towards financial inclusion by opening their JLG bank account at Kalkeri KVG Bank.

Covid-19 vaccination drive

Joint Liability Group members have been vaccinated against Covid-19 in Mundargi Taluk.

Tailoring training

Tailoring training classes commenced at DEAL Foundation’s Tailoring Training Unit at Mevundi village in Gadag district.

SELCO Foundation ration kit distribution and financial support

We worked with our partner SELCO Foundation and distributed ration kits to 28 disabled persons in Dambal village in Gadag district. Financial support was also provided to 3 disabled persons to start their own business.

Sunflower seed sowing

Sunflower seed sowing at DEAL Foundation’s Parisara Sannidhi agriculture project at Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Organic guava and curry leaves marketing

Organic guava and curry leaves marketing at Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Forthcoming Event Highlights

  • DEAL Foundation in collaboration with Office of State Disability Commissioner GOK,, BBMP, other line departments and disability organisations will carry out the Covid-19 Vaccination for Persons with Disability.
  • Attitude and Uptake Survey Pilot: The aim is to establish a clear picture on attitudes towards and level of take up of Covid-19 vaccination by persons of disability and their carers in Bengaluru. The survey is part of a larger initiative to improve take-up level of vaccines by persons of disability in the city.
  • As part of its focus on ‘Creating Shared Value’, DEAL Foundation is working to develop and launch its ‘Change Makers’ programme. Do watch the space for more on this.
  • Three new Joint Liability Groups including 15 people with disabilities to be established.
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for one Joint Liability Group.
  • Group capacity building and livelihood training. 
  • Tailoring and apparels training to continue.
  • DSFYR Work
  • Vermicompost preparation work
  • Guava and curry leaves harvest and marketing
  • FPO Preparation work

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