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**Deal Foundation’s March Activities in 7 Gadag Talukas**

1. **Formation of Self-Help Societies**

In March, 10 self-help societies were established in Mundaragi and Shirahatti taluks, comprising 100 members each. These societies aim to assist physically challenged members in accessing bank loans for various self-employment ventures including dairy farming, sheep and goat rearing, among others. Notable societies formed include:
– Mallikarjuna Self Help Society for Disabled Persons (Kakkuru Taluk Mundaragi)
– Siddeshwar Vikalchetana Sangh (Batur Taluk Lakshmeshwar)
– Krupa Disabled People’s Self Help Society (Ramgiri Taluk Lakshmeshwar)
– Bireshwar Handicapped Self Help Society (Kurtakoti Taluka Gadag)
– Puttaraja Gavai Handicapped Self Help Society (Hosur Taluk Gadag)
– Nakshatra Vikalchetana Chetana Self Help Society (Lakshmeshwar Taluk Lakshmeshwar)
– Abbigeri Taluk Rona Self Help Society of Asyra Vikalchetna
– Shri Sewalal Mariamma Devi Self Help Society (Guddapur Taluk Shirahatti)
– Jai Bhima Handicapped Self Help Society (Hammagi Taluka Mundaragi)
– Shri Nandi Vikalchethan Self Help Society (Kanakwada Taluk Shirahatti)

2. **Financial Inclusion for Disabled Associations**

Eight associations of disabled persons in Shirahatti and Naragunda, Mundaragi taluk, have opened savings accounts with Karnataka Vikas Rural Bank Canara Bank to access bank loans. Notable associations include:
– Sivaganga Disability Self Help Society (Bellatti Taluk Shirahatti)
– Sharadambe Vikalchethan Self Help Sangha (Bunnikoppataluk Shirahatti)
– Kalmeshwara Vikalchethan Self Help Society (Hombala Taluka Gadag)
– Shree Durga Vikalchethan Sahaya Sangha (Budihala Taluka Naragund)
– Sharanbasaveshwar Vikalchethanara Swasaya Sangh (Harti Taluka Gadag)
– Sriram Vikalchethanar Swasaha Sangh (Shirahatti Taluk Shirahatti)
– Shree Jai Bhima Self Help Society of Disabled Persons (Hammagi Taluka Mundaragi)
– Mallikarjuna Self Help Society for People with Disabilities (Singatarayanekere Taluk Mundaragi)

3. **Loans to Self Help Societies from Karnataka Vikas Bank**

4. **Board Meeting of Safe Credit Cooperative Society**

5. **Disability Awareness and Training**

A total of 170 members from Disability Self Help Societies across Naragunda, Shirahatti, and Mundaragi taluks participated in various training sessions, including disability awareness, economic finance, leadership, entrepreneurship, and sustainable livelihood training.

6. **Survey of Disabled Families**

7. **Earthworm Manure Preparation and Training**

8. **Sewing Training Center**

Deal Foundation initiated a sewing training center for disabled families and women in Mevundi, which has been operational for four years.

**Upcoming Highlights:**

– Establishment of 20 new self-help groups with 200 members.
– Financial inclusion and bank linkage for 10 SHGs.
– Capacity building and livelihood training for 20 groups.
– Continuation of sewing training and garment making services.
– Continuation of earthworm composting work.
– Recruitment of 25 new members for the Farmer Producers Company (FPO).
– Collaborative work sharing and awareness training sessions.
– Activities of Aramba Self Employed Center (ASK Center) and Aramba Soudoga Kendra.
– Preliminary meeting for registering district cooperative work with other taluks (except Mundaragi).

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