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Measuring Impact

SEE – Social, Economic & Environmental Impact

At DEAL Foundation we adopt a conscientious and collaborative approach to understand and measure impact of our work on the lives of persons with disability and the communities they live in.


  1. Gather and analyze relevant data to assess and evidence impact.
  2. Review outcomes achieved.
  3. Evaluate impacts identified.

We work with our partners and stakeholders to:

  1. Agree and define scope including timescale, location, areas of intervention and relevant parts of the value chain.
  2. Put-in-place a structure to measure all relevant   social, economic and environmental impacts from each part of the value chain.
  3. Map relevant datasets and undertake gap analysis.
  4. Gather relevant data from primary and secondary sources including carrying out focus groups and surveys.
  5. Quantify outcomes and track them over time.

“What gets measured gets done”. 

We have commenced work to develop bespoke evaluation outcomes framework aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), relevant Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and other relevant standards to measure the impact of our work in the lives of persons with disability and the communities they live in.

We propose to create a online community of like minded professionals to co-produce disability impact measurement tools and resources to help improve impact outcomes reporting by making it more inclusive.