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Deal Foundation is working in 7 talukas of Gadag district and details of the activities and activities in the month of February :–

The following are the details of the formation of the Self Help Society of the Handicapped and Women in the month of February.

1) In this month, a total of 8 self-help societies have been formed in Mundaragi and Shirahatti taluk with 81 members. Created

1) Renukadevi Vikalchethan Self Help Society Atthikatti Taluka Mundaragi and

2) Jai Shri Ram Vikalchethanara Sangh Singatrayanakeri Ta / Mundaragi and

3) Bhogeshwar Self Help Society for Disabled People Elisirur Ta/Gadag and

4) Shree Sharadambe Vikalchethan Self Help Society Tarikoppa Taluk Shirahatti and

5) Eshwara Sangha Vikalchethanar Self Help Sangha Bhavnur Taluk Shirahatti and

6) Shree Kalmeshwar Vikalchetana Self Help Society Nilgunda Taluk Gadag and

7) Shri Goni Basaveshwar Mahila Swasahay Sangha Dho Taluk Mundaragi and

8) Shri Sharanbasaveshwar Vikalchethan Self Help Society Kannavi Taluk Gadag and

2) A total of 5 disabled people’s association in Shirahatti and Naragunda taluk

And 1 women’s self-help group, a total of 6 groups have opened a savings account in the name of the groups in Karnataka Vikas Rural Bank Canara Bank in order to have bank loan facility.

• Veerabhadreshwar Vikalachethan Self Help Society Hadagali Taluk Shirahatti and

• Anjaneya Vikalchethan Self Help Society Ellapur Taluk Lakshmeshwar and

• Aralu Vikalchethanar Self Help Society Bellatti Taluk Shirahatti and

• Shree Maleammadevi Self Help Society for Disabled People Bellatti Taluk Shirahatti and

• Vijayalakshmi Self Help Society for the Disabled Puttagaudni Taluk Lakshmeshwar and

• Threelingeshwar Mahila Sangh Betageri Taluka Gadag

3) Board meeting of Safe Credit Cooperative Society at Mevundi village in Mundaragi taluk was held and working activities were discussed in the meeting.

4) In Naragunda Shirahatti Mundaragi taluks, total 140 members of Disability Self Help Society in 14 Disability awareness training, economic finance training and leadership training. Entrepreneurship training and sustainable livelihood training were conducted for members of the disabled group.

Pandit Puttaraja Vikalchethan Self Help Society Gadag Taluk Gadag and

• Shri Guru Kottureshwar Vikalchetana Self Help Society Gadag Taluk Gadag and

• Vinayaka Self Help Society of Disabled People Bellatti Taluk, Shirahatti and

• Veerabhadreshwar Vikalachethan Self Help Society Hadagali Taluk Shirahatti and

• Basaveshwar Vikalchethan Swasaha Sangha Adarkatti Taluk Lakshmeshwar and

• Gonibasaveshwar Mahila Swasaha Sangh Dhoi Taluk Mundaragi and

•Bhogeshwar Self Help Society for the Disabled Elisirur Ta/Gadag and

• Basaveshwar Vikalchetana Self Help Society Shetrigeri Taluk Lakshmeshwar and

• Anjaneya Vikalchethan Self Help Society Ellapur Taluk Lakshmeshwar and

• Lakshmi Venkateswara Women Self Help Society Ramenahalli and

• Akkamahadevi Self Help Society for Disabled People Mukkampur Taluk Mundaragi and

• Veerabhadreshwar Vikalchethan Self Help Sanghabellatti Taluk Shirahatti and

• Dharmajyoti Disability Self Help Society Kanaginahala Taluk Gadag and Ellammadevi Disability Self Help Society Mundaragi Taluk Mundaragi

A fruit and flower show was organized at Gadag by the Horticulture Department in which an exhibition was organized by the Deal Foundation.

5) A total of 22 disabled families were surveyed in the month

6) Preparation of earthworm manure in the tank of Deal Foundation organization and removal of manure and putting it in three acres of tank and sale of earthworm manure in exhibition and giving trainings on earthworm preparation to disabled families and self help societies.

7) Deal Foundation has started a sewing training center for disabled families and women in Mevundi, which has been running for four consecutive years. Deal-Foundation Mevundi -Tailoring Unit class

Here are the highlights for next month:

  • 20 new self help groups will be established including 200 persons with disabilities.
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for 10 SHGs.
  • To impart capacity building and livelihood training to 20 groups.
  • To continue sewing training and garment making services at Mevundi.
  • Continuation of earthworm composting work
  • Farmer Producers Company Recruiting 25 new members (FPO work.)
  • Collaborative Work Sharing Total Collecting Work 50
  • 10 groups awareness training and group wise training
  • To continue the activities of Aramba Self Employed Center (ASK Center) and locate the office of Aramba Soudoga Kendra at Lakshmeshwar Naragunda Rona.
  •  Conducting a preliminary meeting to register district cooperative work with other taluks except Mundaragi.

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