The Deal Foundation organization conducted activities and events in the 7 taluks of Gadag district in the month of September. Details of the activities and events are as follows:

The details of the formation of the Self-Help Group for Persons with Disabilities and Women in the month of September are as follows.

In this month, a total of 10 self-help groups were formed in Mundaragi and Shirahatti taluks, with a total of 108 members. The purpose of these groups is to enable members with disabilities to engage in self-employment. They have obtained loans from the bank to pursue activities such as high-yield agriculture, cattle rearing, and various other occupations. The formation of these groups aims to empower members to be self-reliant. In Mundaragi taluk, 4 self-help groups for persons with disabilities have been formed, comprising a total of 40 members.

  1. Shri Basaveshwara Self-Help Group, representing Kallapura, with 1 representative, Basyayya Poojari, and 2 representatives, Shivamurthy Hiremath and
  2. Kavi Puttaraj Self-Help Group, representing Shirol, with 1 representative, Mainu Nadap, and 2 representatives, Kutubuj Kalal.
  3. Madina Self-Help Group, representing Madina, with 1 representative, Sainaj Begam, and 2 representatives, Jameerabano.”

2. “To facilitate financial transactions and loan application for a total of 2 self-help groups in Shirahatti taluk, the Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank has opened an account in the name of the groups at the Canara Bank. This is to avail the convenience of bank loans. The funds will be deposited and withdrawn from the account for the smooth operation of the self-help groups.

The names of the self-help groups and their respective locations are:

  • Dyamammadevi Self-Help Group, representing Narayanapura.
  • Saraswati Self-Help Group, representing Ankali.”

“In Mundaragi taluk, 4 persons with disabilities have newly joined the Safe Credit Cooperative Society located in Mevundi village. Through actively participating in the society’s operations and contributing towards share capital, these individuals have gained ownership and are receiving dividends. Additionally, they conduct the committee meetings of the governing body of the Safe Credit Cooperative Society on a monthly basis.”

“2 self-help groups have submitted applications for bank loans from Rajeshwari women Self-Help Group in Shirahatti and Sri Punit Rajkumar Vikalachetanara Self-Help Group in Naragund taluk. These groups, representing two villages, 2 Mevundi and Naragund, are seeking financial support for activities related to high-yield agriculture, cattle rearing, and agricultural development, as well as for self-employment initiatives.”

“In the taluks of Naragund, Shirahatti, and Mundaragi, a total of 20 members of the Vikalachetana Self-Help Group and 50 women have received training in disability awareness, financial literacy, leadership training, entrepreneurship, and livelihood skills. The training programs aimed at enhancing entrepreneurship skills, financial literacy, and promoting stable livelihoods were conducted for members of the Vikalachetana group. This initiative is designed to empower individuals with disabilities and women in these regions.”

“Regarding the formation of the Farmers’ Producer Company this month, the Digital Signatures and the documentation of the company were completed by the 10-member board of directors in Mevundi.”

“Training was provided on the operational activities of the Farmers’ Producer Company for the farmers.”

“This month, in Lakshmeshwar taluk, the Livelihood Officer Deepa and M.S.W. students have conducted a review of 46 families of persons with disabilities.”

“Deal Foundation institution engages in the production of vermicompost in its field. The process involves preparing vermicompost from earthworms and spreading it across a three-acre field. Additionally, the foundation sells vermicompost during exhibitions. Training sessions on vermicompost production are provided to families of persons with disabilities and self-help groups, contributing to their knowledge and sustainability.”

“Deal Foundation institution initiated an Tailoring training center in Mevundi specifically for families with persons with disabilities and women. This training center has been consistently conducting Tailoring training for the past four years.”

Foundation Mevundi -Tailoring Unit class

Next month’s highlights:

  • Formation of 10 new self-help groups (SHGs), each consisting of 100 persons with disabilities.
  • Facilitating financial inclusion and bank contacts for 15 SHGs.
  • Providing capacity-building and livelihood training for 40 groups.
  • Continuing training for agriculture and clothing production services in Mevundi.
  • Continuing the production of manure from earthworms.
  • Proceeding with the work of the farmer producer organization (FPO), including adding 25 new members.
  • Collecting contributions for cooperative work, aiming to involve 50 individuals.
  • Conducting awareness training and group-specific training.
  • Continuing activities of the self-employment center (ASK Center) and its initiatives.
  • Applying for the registration of district cooperative work.

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