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My Story: Hulagappa Rangappa Jondi

We had a chat with Mr. Hulagappa Rangappa Jondi to understand more about him and his association with DEAL Foundation. 

Hello Hulagappa, do you mind if we have a chat to understand more about your life experiences and also your association with DEAL Foundation? 

Most certainly. I would be more than happy to talk about my life experiences and use this opportunity to express myself.  

At the outset, can you tell me more about yourself, and your disability? 

Sure, I am Hulagappa Rangappa Jondi residing at Dumbla in Gadag district. 

I am a person with a visual disability which I contracted at the age of four due to a serious illness. This has affected my right eye leaving it with zero vision. Since then life was not definitely the same as it would be if things would have been different, as me and my family had to accept my disability and understand how it needs to be dealt with. 

With passing time and with the support of my family I rose to the challenge and decided to do something to keep moving forward in life despite everything that should come my way. 

So, how has this situation impacted you? 

Well, my disability fortunately has left me with a lot of positive impact as I was able to get the required support which enabled me to gain more self-confidence and courage. This has largely helped me become who I am today. 

However, it none the less doesn’t take away the fact that I had to undergo a number of challengesespecially as a child. 

As I most times due to my inability to see, I felt left behind, in spite of the fact that I also had the urge to go out in to the grounds and run and play just like any other child of my age would. 

I also had to undergo the challenge of understanding and making sense of things written on the board which most of the time proved to be very challenging. 

Navigating from and to the school was another challenge I was faced with. 

But, with the earnest support from my family and friends and with my willing ness to achieve something in life, I was able to successfully complete my 12th grade. 

So, what do you do currently? 

I work at the Karnataka Central Cooperative bank as an attender. 

In addition to that, I have also involved myself in roti making, and other small jobs that would help me increase my income. 

I have the confidence that I can do more so as to earn a lot more and support my family better. 

So finally, what is your opinion about the work of DEAL Foundation? 

My association with the foundation has been a long and a fulfilling one for which I have the members of the foundation to thank. 

DEAL Foundation has been actively working across the district of gadag, which has stirred in us a hope for a better future. 

Now, speaking for myself, like many other disabled persons, I was also not aware about the benefits I am entitled to receive from the government.But it has all changed now; with the help of the members of the foundation I am receiving all the benefits from the government which has helped me a great deal. 

I am also fortunate to belong to Anjaneya Joint Liability Group. I have always been an active member of the group due to which I have gained a lot in terms of my personal development and financially as well. 

Over all, the foundation has helped me understand how to see life differently and has instilled in me the hope and confidence to face the future. 

I would like to join the foundation in their efforts to build individual and community resilience and help create sustainable livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

I see my association with DEAL as a volunteer continuing to make a difference to the people living around me. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself and my gratitude to the foundation. 

I would like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best for your future. 

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