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My Story: Vanajakshi

We had a chat with Vanajakshi from Halligudi village in Gadag district about her life experiences and association with DEAL Foundation.

Hello Vanajakshi, would you mind if I talk to you a little about your disability and the impact it has on your life?

Sure you can, I will be more than happy to talk and share about myself.

At the outset can you brief me about your disability?

Sure, let me start by introducing myself. I am Vanajakshi residing at Halligudi village in Mundargi Taluk.

About my disability, I contracted polio since childhood in my right leg which made it difficult for me to walk. Thanks to the good treatment and medication I received, I am able to do many things I want to do.

How has this situation of yours impacted you?

I have always believed in moving forward without giving up. Hence life has proved to be quite easy for me. However, my disability has been having a large impact on me these days, but the strength and courage I have derived from DEAL Foundation has helped me a great deal for which I am ever so grateful.

I have received a lot of help and support from DEAL Foundation, but there is one thing I would still like to request the foundation that is to help me with aids and appliances that would ease the pressure of my right leg.  This will then enable me to lead an independent and happy life, and not to mention I will be ever so thankful to the foundation.

So how are you engaged currently?

As a matter of fact I have always loved to be a teacher, but have had to settle working for myself. I see myself as an entrepreneur trying my hand at various things. I went on to setting up a provision store. I have currently started a roti producing business of my own and I have been successful in doing this across Gadag, Mundargi and other neighbouring places.

Alongside this, I also work on garment sales.  Though I have been successful in whatever I am doing currently, it wouldn’t be right of me if I don’t express a word of thanks to DEAL Foundation for having made me a member of Renukadevi Joint Liability Group as this has helped me engage more and expand my business.

Finally what is your opinion about the work of DEAL Foundation?

Well, this is a very good question to ask. DEAL Foundation has been actively involved in my village for about five years now and the work done by the foundation in promoting livelihood opportunities is tremendous.  Speaking for myself, the foundation was of great help during the pandemic

When my business was down due to the pandemic and I struggled to meet my daily needs, the foundation then formed Renukadevi Joint Liability Group, promoted awareness on different opportunities available, and also created livelihood opportunities for the members of the group I belong to.

I would like to join DEAL Foundation in their efforts to build individual and community resilience and create sustainable livelihoods for persons with disabilities. I see my association with DEAL as a volunteer continuing to make a difference to the people living around me.

Thank you for having given me the opportunity to express myself and express my gratitude to the foundation.

I would also like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best for your future.