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Organised by Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation, The Swavalambhan Awards 2023 Event was held at the UASD Agriculture Education Extension Unit. 

  Speaking at the event Chief Guest Hon. Vice Chancellor Karnataka State Rural Development And PanchayatRaj University,  Prof. Shri Vishnukant Chatpalli commended the work of DEAL Foundation on sustainable livelihoods and for providing a platform to identify  achievements  of and recognise contributions made by persons with disability. 

In the words of Shri Ramchandra Purohit (awardee)  from Naregal “This by far has been the proudest moment of my life and I feel so honoured to be facilitated”  Also speaking at the event another awardee Smt. Musyava Pujar from Dambla stated “Being a part of this event  makes me feel special and gives me confidence that I can go on to inspire others in my situation”. 

The event was attended by over 250 persons with disability including 30 guests from across Gadag Zilla Panchayat, UASD, academia, business and industry leaders.  

The event was a celebration of diversity and inclusion and received extensive coverage from local press including Vijaykarnataka, Very good morning, chakravarthy, Uttaraprabha, kannadammma and gadag sanje. 

41 Persons with disability (Change Makers) from across Gadag District bagged the 2023 Swavalambhan Awards on 15 February for their work on establishing livelihoods despite all odds and personal circumstances. 

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Subherbul and Casuarina Trees Helping Generate Livelihoods.

During a recent training session conducted at the deal foundation office at Meundi persons with disability and women members from farming backgrounds had an opportunity to understand the role and importance of Subherbul and Casuarina trees and their potential for income generation as part of an integrated farming system.

Subherbul and Casuarina Trees were introduced to India in 1980 as one of the major raw material resourcing species for paper-making industries. They are also considered important as they help increase red blood cells in the human body.

45 persons with disabilities attended the training session and learned how:

These trees which are well suited to the local area grow with scarce or no rainfall;

Based on the nature of land use, these trees can be grown in part or as border plantations across different land holdings;

With very little or no maintenance at all, the yield is ready to be harvested after a period of three years and supplied as raw material to the paper industry.

How the yield from these trees can further be used to produce paper bags which can provide persons with a disability an additional revenue stream.

Trainees found the orientation and demonstration session to be extremely useful and interesting as it is convenient, economical, and helps to contribute to financial independence.

The true potential of this opportunity can be realized through mass and contiguous plantation of Subherbul and Casuarina Trees which in turn is dependent on striking the right balance in the way land is used for agriculture, horticulture, and other purposes.

Disability entrepreneurship and leadership (DEAL) foundation work across Gadag district to promote sustainable livelihood opportunities for persons with disability.

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During the month a total of 67 Members formed 7 Self-help-group. ( 4 PWD Group 40 Members joined and 3 Woman Group 30 members joined examine suitable livelihood options. (Mundargi,Shirahatti, and .Gadag Gajendragada and Naragunda Taluk )
Gadag, Gajendragada Shirahatti, and Nargunda Taluka Group account opening SHG Bank account opening KCC Bank and KVGB Bank total group account opening this month 2 Woman Group 20 Members and PWD 6 group,60 Members.
Gadag district all taluka village SHG women and Disbility ( PWD) Members calender distrubution from Deal-Foundation Mevundi.
Mundargi Taluka SHG Group Bank linkage Radha-Krisana- JLG in Ekalaspura. 100000/-
Mundargi and Gadag , Shirahatti and Gajendragada Taluka,SHG Group disability awareness training and Financial training. And Leadership training conducted. Total 9 Group and 90 Members Covared PWD SHG 1 Member 10 cavared and Women SHG 8 Members 80 Cavared.
Horticlture Farm Jivambrutha and Panjayagavvey and Bhijamrutha Preparetion training with Deal Foundation staff
Survey Work In Gadag District total Survey Covered this month total 107 Members
Suraksita cooperative Monthly Board meeting conducting and New share Membership this month 23 Members. Joined
Vermicompost harvesting and pit filling work
Deal-Foundation Mevundi -Tailoring Unit class
Forth coming event highlights :


  • 15 new SHG including 10 people with disabilities to be established. 
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for 5 SHG 
  • 30 Groups capacity building and livelihood training.   
  • Tailoring apparels training service. 
  •  Vermicompost preparation work 
  • Guava and curry leaves harvest and marketing  
  • FPO Preparation work 
  • Cooperative  work Share amount collecting and software training and entry work  
  • Survey work  on-going  500 Members 
  •  Awareness training camp and Group wise training  
  • ASK Centre work  

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We had a chat with Virupaksha gouda, Andanu gouda to understand more about him and his association with deal foundation.

Hello! Mr. Virupaksha gouda, Andanu gouda do you mind if we have a chat with you to understand more about your experiences and your association with disability entrepreneurship and

leadership(DEAL) foundation? 

Most certainly. I would be more than happy to talk about my life experiences and use this opportunity to express myself. 

At the outset, can you tell me more about yourself and your disability? 

Sure, I am Virupaksha gouda, Andanu gouda residing at boodiala Mundargi , taluk gadag district. 

I contracted polio causing me to loose my one limb since birth and the other at the age of 3. 

Since then life has not been easy neither for me nor for my family. 

However, with passing time, I came to understand that there is surely a way out if only I am to accept my disability, do something to help myself. 

Since then I have started considering my disability as a means to help me achieve something not as a problem that would leave me helpless. 

So, how has this situation impacted you? 

I had to undergo a number of challenges especially as a child. 

Due to my disability I had to always depend on my family to navigate from and to the school which was not at all easy.

I was also deprived from all the fun filled activities at schools such as sports and games which made me feel more isolated than ever. But, with the earnest support from my family and friends and due to my willing ness to achieve something in life, I was able to successfully complete my education. 

This has largely helped me become who I am today. 


So what do you do currently? 

I currently work at a shop that sells iron, plastic etc. 

I also prepare home-made tamarind candies and make sufficient income out of it. 

This is currently sufficient to support me and my family, but in the days to come, I have the confidence and the will power to involve myself in other income generating activities so as to help my family better. 

So finally, what is your opinion about the work of the disability entrepreneurship and leadership (DEAL) foundation? 

My association with the foundation has been a long and a fulfilling one for which I have the members of the foundation to thank. 

Deal foundation has been actively working across the district of gadag, which has stirred in us a hope for a better future. 

Now, speaking for myself, like many other disabled persons, I was also not aware about the benefits I am entitled to receive from the government. 

But it has all changed now, with the help of the members of the foundation I am receiving all the benefits from the government which has helped me a great deal. 

With the confidence, skills development and financial inclusion training and courage provided to me by the foundation, I am now the member of Jwalammadevi SHG. 

I have always been an active member of the group due to which I have gained a lot in terms of my personal development and financially as well. 

I am also honoured and proud to be one among the many to have received an award for my achievements by the foundation. 

This has really encouraged me to achieve greater things in life. 

Over all, the foundation has helped me understand how to see life differently and has instilled in me the hope and confidence to face the future. 

I would like to join the foundation in their efforts to build individual and community resilience and help create sustainable livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities. 

I see my association with deal as a volunteer continuing to make a difference to the people living around me. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself and my gratitude to the foundation. 

I would like to thank you for your time and wish you all the best for your future.