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Newsletter September 2023

“Shielding for life’s existence, the dawn of courage, dignity, and leadership, the brave hearts and volunteers, in March 2023, embarked upon a journey in the challenging Gadag district of northern Karnataka, recognizing 3,000 brave hearts and a thousand women members, to initiate and reach out in the field of service. This endeavor has come to our notice due to the noble intentions of Aravind Keerthi and the dedication of its volunteers, leading to a continuous spectacle of courage.

Many times, these brave hearts find solace in their homes. Yet, with changing times, if they are provided opportunities to harness their potential, skills, and contribute to society and their self-development, their capabilities can be realized. The project ‘Vima Yojane’ is an example of this effort.

Initially, the term ‘Vima Yojane’ might not be familiar. Vima, through the Vima Company and the insurance provided by the Vima Daraar (Insurance) policy, encompasses various types of insurance like life insurance, vehicle insurance, health insurance, and accident insurance, among others. Vima primarily refers to financial protection against uncertain events in exchange for a certain premium. The ‘Vima Yojane’ within this encompasses various insurance policies that cater to the needs of people with disabilities, women, youth with special needs, and those living in rural and urban areas. It operates as a standalone unit under the National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC).

This initiative aims to provide financial security to people with disabilities and their families, through an array of insurance options, ensuring protection against various risks including injury, death, and more. This effort, under the ‘Vima Yojane,’ aims to contribute to self-reliance and empowerment by involving individuals with disabilities in income-generating activities and facilitating their participation in various self-employment and skill development programs.

1. ‘Divyangajan Sava-valambane Yojane’: This initiative offers disability pension at a subsidized rate of 5.9% for individuals with disabilities, providing financial support ranging from 50,000 to 5,00,000 rupees. People with more than 40% disability who are aged 18 or above, and are citizens of India, can benefit from this scheme through NHFDC.

2. ‘Vishesha Maikure Fainanshu Yojane’ (VMY): This scheme aims to provide loans to women with disabilities for small-scale businesses and income generation activities. The maximum component cost should not exceed 60,000 rupees. Repayment can be done within three years, providing a window of opportunity for repayment.

In essence, the ‘Vima Yojane’ strives to cater to the needs of people with disabilities, especially women, by offering financial support for entrepreneurship and income generation activities. This initiative, by providing necessary financial protection, attempts to empower and strengthen their self-confidence, allowing them to actively participate in various economic activities. The ‘Vima Yojane’ signifies a step towards a future where people with disabilities can face challenges with confidence, having a safety net in case of unforeseen events.”

“Like a shield for life’s existence, instilling courage, strength, dignity, and leadership qualities in brave hearts and volunteers, the ‘Vima Yojane’ initiative has been initiated. This initiative serves as a shield to protect and enhance the lives of people with disabilities and women. In other words, it sets the foundation to support and elevate the lives of people with disabilities and women by recognizing their potential and empowering them.

For example, the ‘Mevundi Garam’ village in Mundargi taluk of Gadag district has already experienced positive transformations due to the impact of this initiative. The life of the Devay couple in Mevundi village has drastically improved since they became members of the ‘Vima Yojane’ initiative. They organized a group under the leadership of the ‘Vima Yojane’ and acquired a loan to enhance their livelihood. This has not only uplifted their economic status but has also brought smiles to their faces.

Various schemes like crop insurance, personal accident insurance, health insurance, Yashaswini insurance, and LIC insurance, among others, are being implemented under the ‘Vima Yojane’ initiative. These insurance options not only offer financial security but also instill a sense of self-reliance and empowerment among people with disabilities and women. This initiative provides them with opportunities for self-employment, skill development, and overall improvement in their lives.

The main goal of the ‘Vima Yojane’ is to ensure financial support for the livelihoods of people with disabilities and women. This initiative has been implemented in 7 taluks of Gadag district. People with disabilities and women in these taluks are being encouraged to actively participate and benefit from the various schemes and programs provided by the ‘Vima Yojane’ initiative.

As said by Swami Vivekananda, “Be brave, be strong, be fearless. You are never alone.” The ‘Vima Yojane’ initiative stands as a significant step towards realizing this quote. It empowers individuals, uplifts livelihoods, and provides a strong support system. It gives a new meaning to the lives of people with disabilities and women.

For any inquiries or suggestions related to this initiative, you can reach out to and get more information about our work at”


“Assenter” is a foundation that will receive the Saptharshi Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence and Leadership in seven taluks of Gadag district. The “Arembhasava Udayoga Kendra” will primarily provide vocational training, tailoring training, handicraft preparation, candle making, honey extraction, and other life skills to individuals with disabilities. The goal is to empower and support them to lead independent and fulfilling lives. This initiative has gained significant recognition and the involved individuals have contributed dedicated efforts to provide essential information and tailored support, promoting inclusivity and empowering people with disabilities.

The founders of Deal Foundation have strived to fulfill their responsibility towards society and empower people with disabilities to integrate into various roles of authority and contribute positively. This initiative serves as a bridge to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities by offering them a means to lead productive and self-reliant lives, thus helping them achieve their goals. Additionally, this initiative involves various taluks, including Mundargi, Shiralakoppa, Roudagi, Lakshmeshwar, Gajendragad, and Naregal, marking a significant endeavor to make a lasting impact. By initiating such programs, the individuals behind the Deal Foundation and Arembhasava Udayoga Kendra have demonstrated their commitment to fostering an environment where individuals with disabilities can lead dignified lives, equipped with essential life skills. The initiatives have brought a positive change in the lives of many, enabling them to live with confidence and pursue their aspirations. The contact details of key individuals have been provided for further information and assistance.

To assist men and women with disabilities, the Gaje Hucchina Sahaya Parivarthana Trust, established in Garagamadale of Arkalgud taluk, has been working diligently. This initiative began with the aim to provide assistance and support to individuals with disabilities. The trust, headed by Gajendragad resident Shri Aarabhi, along with co-founder Shri Garamapura Udhay Hegde, has been actively engaged in offering help to people with disabilities.

In 2016, Aarabhi and Udhay Hegde initiated a program for the empowerment of disabled men and women, focusing on their personal development and livelihood improvement. For further information, individuals can contact Shri Shavakumar Sharavu Lakshmeesha on 9742021474. This initiative has greatly benefited the disabled community in Gajapura Taluk, where the Gaje Hucchina Sahaya Parivarthana Trust has its base.

Under the leadership of Shri Aarabhi and Udhay Hegde, the trust has made significant efforts to ensure the social and economic welfare of disabled men and women. Their programs have been designed to enhance the quality of life for these individuals. For additional information, you can reach out to Shri Rekha Maddi, the Laviveeru AFEESAR Officer, at 9108652508.

This trust is actively working to provide financial support, grants, and rights to disabled individuals. They are committed to the holistic well-being and growth of disabled men and women, which has earned them recognition and praise from various quarters. The Gaje Hucchina Sahaya Parivarthana Trust’s efforts are focused on making the lives of disabled individuals better in every aspect.

For inquiries and assistance, you can contact or visit Your support and participation in their initiatives are highly appreciated.