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November 2021 Event Highlights

Joint Liability Groups and Self Help Groups formation

During the month, ten people formed two Joint Liability Groups and one Self-Help Group to examine suitable livelihood options. They took their first step towards financial inclusion and economic growth.

Capacity Building Training for Joint Liability Groups

During the month we conducted ‘Capacity Building Training’ at Petalur village in Mundargi Taluk, Gadag for members of Bhuvaneshwari Joint Liability Group

Joint Liability Group meetings

Joint Liability Groups monthly meetings were conducted at Harogeri village in Gadag district to discuss livelihood options and financial services available to the groups.

Bank Linkages

During the month, bank loan linkage support was provided to Joint Liability Groups at Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank (KVG Bank) Mevundi branch.

Cooperative Society Awareness Programme

We conducted a ‘Cooperative Society Awareness Programme’ with disabled members of Joint Liability groups to discuss the need and importance of cooperative societies.

Raitarigondu Dina (A Day for Farmers)’ Event

DEAL Foundation attended an event organized by the Department of Agriculture as part of the ‘Jai Kisan’ project at Konnur village in Gadag district. The event was to promote sustainable agriculture. ‘Sarasvathi JLG’, a Joint Liability Group formed with the support of DEAL foundation were awarded a revolving fund of 10,000 during the event.

Focus groups

DEAL Foundation visited disabled members of households in Baradur and Kalkeri villages of Gadag district to scope out the need for and create awareness about assistive technologies.

World Savings Day Programme

DEAL Foundation and SBI Foundation organized a ‘Savings Day Programme’ at Harogeri village in Gadag district for members of Joint Liability Groups and Self-Help Groups on the occasion of World Savings Day.

Exploring livelihood opportunities

Devakka, a member of a Joint Liability group at Harogeri village in Gadag district is now involved in dairy farming after being granted bank loan.

Despite his physical disability, Fakirappa from Baradur village in Gadag district has taken up horticulture and goat & sheep rearing as a means of livelihood after completing his Livelihood Training at DEAL Foundation.

Women from Joint Liability Groups have started tailoring work at home after completing their tailoring training at DEAL Foundation

Tailoring training classes

Tailoring training classes continued at our Tailoring Training Unit at Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Maize cultivation and application or organic pesticides

Cultivation of maize crop at our Agriculture & Horticulture plot at Mevundi village in Gadag district.


Vermicompost and pit filling work continued at our Agriculture & Horticulture plot at Mevundi village in Gadag district.

Forthcoming Event Highlights

  • Two new Joint Liability groups including a group of ten persons with disabilities to be established.
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for two Joint Liability groups.
  •  Capacity Building and Livelihood Trainings for Joint Liability Groups.
  • Tailoring and Apparels training.
  • DSFYR Work.
  •  Vermicompost preparation work.
  • Guava and curry leaves harvest and marketing.
  • FPO Preparation work.
  • Cooperative Society registration work.
  • Beekeeping application.
  • Baseline Survey preparation work.

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