The Deal Foundation has been actively engaged in uplifting communities in seven talukas within the Gadag district. Here’s a summary of the organization’s activities and events in the month of October:

1) Formation of Self-Help Societies:

In October, the Deal Foundation successfully formed six self-help societies in Mundaragi and Shirahatti taluks, bringing together a total of 63 members. These self-help societies aim to facilitate access to bank loans for self-employment opportunities, such as dairy farming, sheep and goat rearing, and various other income-generating activities. The newly established societies are:

  1. Shree Kalmeshwara Vikalachetana Self-Help Society, Kirtageri.
  2. Shree Ellamma Devi Vikalchethanara Self-Help Society, Ranthur.
  3. Kalmeshwar Vikalchetana Self-Help Society, Papanasi.
  4. Vijayalakshmi Vikalchethans Self-Help Society, Putagabadni.
  5. Maruteshwar Handicapped Self-Help Society, Konnoor.
  6. Gajanan Handicapped Self-Help Society, Konchigeri.

2) Empowerment Centers and Roti Making:

Ejaji visited Gadag and Mevundi to initiate self-employment centres and various other activities. Additionally, the Kalyana Basaveshwar Sangha Narayanpur began producing rotis.

3) Bank Accounts for Associations:

Savings accounts were opened in Karnataka Vikas Gramin Bank and Canara Bank in the name of two disabled persons’ associations in Shirahatti and Naragunda taluks:

Maruteshwara Self-Help Society for Disabled People, Konnoor.

Gajanan Handicapped Self-Help Society, Konchigeri.

This step was taken to facilitate bank loan facilities for their financial transactions.

4) Annual General Meeting:

The Safe Credit Cooperative Society held its annual general meeting in Mevundi village, Mundaragi taluk, with approximately 150 participants with disabilities. The meeting included the reading of the annual audit report.

5) Bank Loan Applications:

Two self-help societies in Shirahatti taluk, namely Siddeshwar Mahila Self-Help Sangh Shirahatti and Shree Lakshmi Vikalchetana Self-Help Societies, submitted applications for bank loans to support dairy, sheep, goat rearing, agricultural activities, and self-employment.

6) Training for Disabled Groups:

A total of 190 members from 19 Disability Self-Help Societies in Naragunda, Shirahatti, and Mundaragi taluks received various training, including awareness, economic finance, leadership, entrepreneurship, and sustainable livelihood training.

7) Eco Prosperity Farmers Producers Company Registry:

The Eco Prosperity Farmers Producers Company in Mevundi was registered during the month.

8) Survey of Disabled Families:

Livelihood Officer Deepa and MSW students conducted a survey of 71 disabled families in Laxmeshwar taluk.

9) Earthworm Manure Production and Training:

The Deal Foundation prepared earthworm manure in their organization’s tank, spread it across three acres, sold it in exhibitions, and provided training on earthworm manure preparation to disabled families and self-help societies.

10) Sewing Training Center:

The Deal Foundation established a sewing training centre for disabled families and women in Mevundi, which has been operational for four years.

Upcoming Highlights for Next Month:

In the coming month, the organization plans to:

  • Establish 10 new self-help groups, involving 100 persons with disabilities.
  • Facilitate financial inclusion and bank linkage for 10 self-help groups.
  • Conduct capacity-building and livelihood training for 40 groups.
  • Continue sewing training and garment-making services in Mevundi.
  • Sustain the production of earthworm manure.
  • Register the Farmer Producer Company (FPO) and recruit 25 new members.
  • Engage in collaborative work-sharing, with a goal of collecting a total of 50 works.
  • Provide awareness training and group-wise training.
  • Continue the activities of the Aramba Self-Employment Center (ASK Centre).
  • Register the District Cooperative Work.

The Deal Foundation remains committed to its mission of empowering and improving the lives of individuals in the Gadag district.

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