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October Event Highlights

New Joint Liability Group formation activities

During the month, a total of 14 people with disabilities formed 3 Joint Liability Groups to examine sustainable livelihood options.

Joint Liability Group bank opening activities

The other main event was that 5 Joint Liability Groups of 25 people with disabilities have taken the first step to financial inclusion through opening of JLG bank accounts.

Capacity Building training conducted at a JLG in Mevundi village

We conducted Capacity Building training for 5 Joint Liability Groups.

Bank linkage meetings at Doni and Mevundi

Bank linkages done for 3 Joint Liability KVG bank in Mevundi, Doni and Dambala.

DEAL Tailoring and Apparel Unit

3 month cources for tailoring and apparel have commenced.

Parisara Sannadhi Project, Mevundi

Organic Guava fruit and curry leaves local marketing

DEAL Farm, Mevundi

Guava tree air layering at DEAL Farm Mevundi

Parisara Sannadhi Project, Mevundi

Rabi season maize sowing at Parisara Sannidhi Project area

Forth coming event highlights:

  • 5 new JLG’s including 25 people with disabilities to be established.
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for 2 JLG’s.
  • Bank loan linkage 
  • Livelihood and entitlement check training  
  • Tailoring and apparels training service.
  • Activity video and Documentation work
  • DSFYR Work 
  • Millet Harvesting –Foxtail millet and Vermicompost harvesting 
  • Guava and curry leaves harvest and marketing 
  • Curry leaves plant preparation 
  • Start to Dairy activity 

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