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Promoting sustainable livelihood being the main aim of Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation, firmly believe that persons with disabilities need to be provided with the necessary amenities that would help them lead an independent life.

With this objective, we are involved in providing prosthetics and orthotics for those persons with disabilities in need.

To do this, we have collaborated with Mahaveer Limb Center located at Hubli, with whose help we were able to design two prosthetic left arms and have located it for Mr. Manjunath Badnal and Ms Veena shakanavre.

Initially both of them felt, it was hard for them to get adjusted to the newly located arm, however with passing time, they have come to feel that it is proving to be more useful for them as they are able to perform their day to day activities with ease.

After having found success, we feel more confident and have put in some work in this regard with an aim to reach out to as many persons with disabilities.