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The environment or the surroundings we live in is drastically undergoing negative changes which have resulted in major issues for the wild life habitats. It is then not wrong to say that protecting our environment should be one of the primary tasks that all of us need to undertake.

Natural recycling has been considered to be the first and the most important step which contributes to the development of our environment. To start with, we need to do this at homes, at work places and educational instructions so that the same culture can be followed in other public places as well.

More often than not we tend to neglect the importance of recycling which has resulted in our surroundings change for the worse than for the better. This blog would like to list out a few reasons as to why natural recycling needs to be on the given attention and not be neglected.

  • Conserving natural resources:

We are all aware that the natural resources such as water, soil etc. available on the earth is limited; hence they are to be used in a proper way so as to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.

  • Need to protect forests and reduce cutting down trees:

As preservation of forests is helpful in many ways towards the protection of the environment, it is essential to reduce deforestation and grow more trees. Not to forget, plastic needs to be recycled so as to avoid water and air pollution.

  • Reducing climate change and emission of harmful gases:

Recycling is the one important way this can be reduced as less energy is required to produce raw materials; it reduces the level of carbon emissions that is harmful to the environment. Reducing carbon and other greenhouse gases is the major factor to reduce climate change.

  • Tackles youth unemployment:

The outbreak of the pandemic has caused destruction to many in different areas of our lives which also includes unemployment. There are over 500,000 young people aged 16-24 out of work, and numbers are expected to grow substantially. Hence it is an opportunity for the government and other employers to sustain livelihoods by investing in more green jobs.

  • Saves energy:

Making products from recycled materials is much easier than making a new one using raw materials. This can save a lot of time and energy of the manufacturers. For example, producing new aluminium from old products (including recycled cans and foil) uses 95% less energy than making it from the scratch. Hence it is preferable to produce recycled products rather than manufacturing products using raw materials.


Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation works across the districts of Gadag and Bengaluru to promote sustainable livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities.

We also strongly believe in promoting and practicing natural recycling as it would contribute in protecting the environment and help the vulnerable which includes persons with disabilities to cope with life in the society conveniently.

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