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In today’s society help has become one of the most important quality that every individual looks up to. Each one of us require help in different forms and being able to provide it at the right time and of the right kind certainly makes life more convenient.

Little do we know or understand that self-help is one of the best approaches one can use to find solution to different problems as it.

  • it is empowering:

The skills and ideas one develops when adopting the approach of self-help makes one feel more encouraged and feel empowered it also helps achieve emotional satisfaction as  it helps in addressing ones issues without external help which makes one feel independent and mentally strong.

  • Self-help is a flexible approach:

Being able to take independent decisions always gives way for change according to the strengths, weaknesses and allows making best choices as to how a problem could be addressed appropriately.

  • Self-help gives a better impression about oneself:

By adopting the self-help approach, one provides assurance   to others about their decision making and problem solving ability. By doing this, you also make people feel that they can count on you which strengthens the mental stability of an individual.

It enables you to become a role model to others. If individuals are able to help themselves and become independent, other people will naturally look up to you and it gives a feeling of pride and satisfaction.

  • Self-help makes an individual a better and a wiser person:

By becoming aware of the situations around and being able to take immediate and appropriate steps, it increases an individual’s potential to foresee a problem and head them on before they become substantial. On the other hand, as an individual’s objectivity or the ability to see things as they are rather than how you like them to be you will be able to become your own best advisor and stir yourself towards the right direction.

  • It can be a time saver:

By adopting the approach of self-help an individual is able to save time by avoiding seeking help from the other for a problem that can be solved independently and within a short duration.

  • Self-help can be private:

 If you are someone who   gets uncomfortable to share secrets with others, self-help can save you the embarrassment of doing so.

  • Self-help is available and not expensive:

Self-help is generally free of cost and easy to learn about. If you reside in a rural area or a small town, self-help may be one of the only good options available for receiving help.


Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation works across the districts of Gadag and Bengaluru in promoting sustainable livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities.

One of our key objectives is to enable persons with disabilities become self-sustained and independent this also majorly includes the ability to adopt self-help approach in order to become better and independent persons in the society.

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