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September Event Highlights

Group  Formation in Vekatapura Panchayath. Village

During the month a total of 20 people with disabilities formed 4 joint liability groups to examine suitable livelihood options.

Shree-Gonibasveswara  Vikalachenar-JLG Bank account opening in Doni Village

The other main event was that 3 joint liability groups of 15 people with disabilities have taken their first step to financial inclusion through opening up of JLG bank accounts.

Capacity Building Training  Ekalaspura  Village JLG

We conducted capacity building and livelihood training for 11 Joint Liability Groups.

DEAL Foundation farm Mevundi

Guava plant layering work at DEAL Farm Mevundi

Parisarsannidi project Mevundi

Organic sun flower crop harvesting at Parisarsannidi Project Mevundi

Forthcoming activities for October

  • 5 new JLG’S including 25 people with disabilities to be established.
  • Financial inclusion and bank linkage for 2 JLG’S.
  • Livelihood and  Entitlement check training
  • Members entitlement check  for 26 JLGs
  • Tailoring apparels training service.
  • Guava  plant layering for 300 trees 
  • Activity video and Documentation