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The classification of society in terms of age, religion, sex, caste, creed, power and wealth, once physical and mental ability etc. has become the reality of today.

However, history has proven to show that efforts have been made to fight against injustices, and bring about equality, a sense of fairness and respect for human rights above all else.

Not to forget disability is one such classification which is subjected to number of discriminations depravations and disadvantages in all sectors.

Did you know? According to a conservative estimate, there are about 600 million disabled people across the world, of these, 420 million (70%) live in developing countries. 80% of the disabled population in developing countries live below the poverty line, that is a staggering 335 million disabled people. One out of five of the poorest of the poor is a Person with Disability. Which means that 20% of the poorest of the poor and most marginalized are Persons with Disabilities?

These facts are also true of India. According to conservative estimates there are about 60 million Persons with Disability in the country. They constitute 10% of the world’s disabled population and 15% of the disabled population of the developing countries. Out of this 80% live in rural areas.

The lame attitude towards disability on side with the institutional and environmental barriers has given rise to discrimination and exclusion of persons with disabilities in the society. Hence persons with disabilities happen to encounter problems such as 

  • Lack of awareness and negative attitudes about disabilities.
  • Lack of awareness about the governmental administrative structures and how they can be used by persons with disability in particular.
  • Lack of representation of persons with disabilities in the government administrations, etc. due to which persons with disabilities are not aware or less aware about information pertaining to their rights and benefits or even that of that of the society.

The strongest way to overcome these discriminations, disadvantages and barriers is to be equipped   about the current and right information on the socio political systems, human rights, benefits and entitlements, available schemes and procedures to access them, etc.


Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation works across the districts of Gadag and Bengaluru to promote sustainable livelihood opportunities for persons with disabilities.

We promote awareness and enhance the knowledge of persons with disabilities on their right to information so as to enable them become active members of the society.

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