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Staying relevant and responsive

Second wave of the Covid 19 Pandemic has forced a strategic rethink among organizations across different sectors of the economy. A key part of this rethink is to do with ensuring organizations stay relevant and responsive to aid recovery and build resilience over the
period of the Pandemic.
As part of its work with households of persons with disability across rural and urban communities, DEAL Foundation is consulting its stakeholders on the best way to stay relevant and responsive over the period of the Pandemic.
Views are invited from those taking part in the consultation exercise online and over the phone, with respondents answering the following questions:

1.      What problem should DEAL Foundation seek to solve?
2.      Why do you believe this problem needs to be addressed?
3.      Does this problem matter to other people?
4.      Do you believe DEAL Foundation is in a position to address this problem?
5.      Are there changes you believe DEAL Foundation can make that can help recover from the Pandemic?
6.      What are these changes?
7.      How do you see DEAL Foundation   emerging from this Pandemic?
8.      How would you want things to be different post the Pandemic?
9.      Does what you want to see post the Pandemic help you connect on a personal level with others?

Answers to these questions, will help inform the institutional response and determine the way forward strategy.
DEAL Foundation would like to thank all persons for having provided their valuable feedback.
Should you require further information about this consultation, mail your queries to: