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Hello readers, I hope my previous blog titled ‘Food for thought’ has just done that  and you had some fun reading it. 

In order to keep it going, I thought It would be nice to discuss on a topic that most of us would really want to read about and also get in to.   

What is entrepreneurship in general and what does it mean for people with disabilities? 

This is one of the most widely discussed  topics today.

‘Most things mean what one makes  of them.’ And that is also true about entrepreneurship.

It is no surprise then  if the word entrepreneurship has come to mean different things to different people.

A common view is that,  entrepreneurship is nothing but the process of setting up ones own business or project.

Now the question that would be lingering in our minds is that,  is there a need for any special training or skills required to start a business?

I would say no.   In my view the only thing that is required is to be clear about what one really wants   coupled with a healthy dose of self confidence. 

Now moving on to the 2nd half of the question, what does entrepreneurship mean to people with disabilities? This is rather an interesting question as many people with disabilities suffer from problems  of unemployment or, at least, under employment and not being able to get a job that is equal to one’s education, and lack of recognition in the society at large. Faced with this situation, we can see why  Entrepreneurship might appear as an attractive option to people with disabilities. People with disabilities or special abilities can easily get in to starting up a business, as they share a few similarities with that of an entrepreneur such as:

 Not giving up on things very easily;

Being determined and focused;

Being self assured and ready to accept failure.


 Another major advantage could also be, that people with disabilities can set up a business from the comfort of their home or in a place of their choice and thus avoid, in part anyway, navigational and accessibility issues. This is unfortunately one of the most widely encountered issues for people with disabilities.

So that this does not become an excuse, many people with disabilities have chozen to ‘Step-up to Stand-out’  

Love to hear from you about what you make of this.