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Persons with disability in Mundargi Taluk in Gadag District have joined hands to establish the Mundargi Savings & Credit Cooperative (Surakshita)at Mevundi.

 Surakshita Cooperative is solely run by, for and with  persons with disability to promote sustainable livelihoods and financial inclusion. The Cooperative has 500 shareholders  with an ambitious plan to extend its reach to over 3000 persons with disability across its jurisdiction. The Cooperative also works with and supports women self-help-groups and persons from socially excluded communities.

 The Cooperative is set to introduce Surakshita Change Makers Programme (SCMP) to support MSME businesses run and managed by persons with disability

Speaking about SCMP at the training event on – at Mevundi the Cooperative’s  Chief Operating Officer Smt. Renuka D. Kalali stated that during the first phase of the program me 100 Change Makers will be identified and supported to establish and run their MSME businesses.

Surakshita is one of two Cooperatives being promoted as part of the DEAL Foundation Sustainable Livelihoods  Programme across Gadag District.

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