Shivappa Irigeri’s life story is one of remarkable determination and resilience, showcasing the transformative impact of the Deal Foundation on people with disabilities. This organization serves as a beacon of hope and inclusivity, working diligently to break down barriers and empower the differently abled.

The Deal Foundation operates through Livelihood Officers in seven taluks who actively identify individuals with disabilities and inform them about the available support and resources. Their mission is clear: to encourage people with disabilities to step forward and excel in various fields. Through comprehensive training programs, including agricultural, tailoring, dairy farming, saffron cultivation, and more, the Deal Foundation equips the differently abled with the skills and self-confidence needed for self-employment.

Notably, the Deal Foundation also organizes self-help groups, providing financial training and access to loans from banks. As a result, numerous individuals with disabilities have achieved financial independence and established themselves within society. Shivappa Parasappa Irigeri, hailing from Parasapur village in Shirahatti taluk, is a testament to the foundation’s impact.

Shivappa’s journey is a testament to his unwavering determination. Born into a farming family, he faced physical challenges from birth. Despite limited financial resources, his parents were determined to provide him with an education. Shivappa completed his schooling up to class 10 and later worked alongside his family in the fields. He eventually married and started a family of his own. Tragedy struck with the loss of his parents, leading to financial difficulties.

To support his family, Shivappa opened a small grocery store. However, the income from the store was insufficient to meet his family’s needs, and his dream of expanding the business seemed out of reach. It was in this challenging period that Rekha Maddi, a livelihood officer from Shirahatti Taluk, identified Shivappa and introduced him to the Deal Foundation.

With the foundation’s support, “Nandishwara Vikalchethanara Self Help Society” was formed, comprising 10 people with disabilities. They underwent comprehensive training, including disability awareness, dairy farming, paper bag production, saffron cultivation, beekeeping, and agriculture. This training instilled courage and self-confidence in mentally challenged individuals.

After training, Shivappa accessed a bank loan, allowing him to expand his grocery store and improve his family’s financial situation significantly. The support and encouragement provided by the Deal Foundation were instrumental in his journey. Shivappa’s story is a powerful reminder of the need to change societal attitudes toward the differently abled, ensuring they receive the recognition and support they deserve.

Shivappa expressed his gratitude, saying, “I will always be indebted to the Deal Foundation.” His sentiments are echoed by many others who have found support and hope through this remarkable organization.

In conclusion, the Deal Foundation plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable livelihood opportunities and fostering confidence and hope among people with disabilities. Their work is truly commendable, and they continue to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve. To learn more about their efforts, you can visit their website at or contact them at Thank you for your support.

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