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One of the major challenges in today’s day and age is the factors responsible for reducing the poverty of persons with disabilities. Job opportunities are becoming scarce as time progresses due to advancements in technology. This is more pronounced for individuals with disabilities who are not aware of the various opportunities available and, on the other hand, are denied the opportunities available due to their disabilities.”

As a solution to this issue, the Deal Foundation organization recognizes the skills and abilities of individuals with disabilities and offers them jobs that match their skills and abilities.

Following a successful application by the DEAL Foundation to AC DEAL Foundation for the Advancement of Persons with Disabilities, financial assistance was granted in April 2022 to scale up their sustainable livelihood activities involving persons with disabilities. The SIDBI contribution during this period includes an agreed budget for the scale-up of livelihood activities over a period of 2 years.

According to this agreement, the DEAL Foundation selected officers for various positions such as Livelihood Officers, Training Coordinators, Program Managers, etc., to work in seven taluks of the organization and set a target to work with 3000 differently-abled persons and 1000 women. Accordingly, during these two years, the DEAL Foundation has taken a stand to conduct awareness training, community sensitization, baseline surveys for the differently-abled, and empower them with encouragement. The foundation aims to train them in livelihood activities, making them economically, socially, and physically strong.

In alignment with that goal, 802 persons with disabilities and 981 women members have been trained and engaged in sustainable livelihood activities over a two-year period, until August 2023, due to the efforts of DEAL Foundation’s workers. Additionally, 1086 persons with disabilities and 366 women members have been supported through financial inclusion activities. Self-employment centers have been established in four taluks: Gadag, Mevundi, Shirahatti, and Gajendragad. A farmer producer company was initiated in Mevundi village to benefit farmers with disabilities. Mundaragi Vikalchetanara Sahakar Sangha has been formed at the taluka level and approved by the Government of Karnataka as an agri-based pharmaceutical producer company. In this manner, the DEAL Foundation laid the groundwork and forwarded it to SIDBI to act on the set targets

In continuation, after reaching a milestone, the DEAL Foundation undergoes an annual inspection by SIDBI. Similar to the inspection conducted last year, Muhammad Aror from SIDBI conducted a 2-day inspection this year as well. The preparation for the two days of SIDBI inspection commenced on the first day, 6/11/2023, with Mr. Surendra, Mrs. Advard Azad Prasheed, and DEAL Foundation activists, in the presence of the Karnataka Panchayat Raj Universe Visit GCEID Centre. Mr. Surendra Shop committed to interacting with the children there, seeking parents’ opinions, and addressing any concerns or issues raised by the parents.

the Bhuvaneshwari Special Needs School Self-Help Society for Children with Disabilities was established. They visited the Sangha’s to observe the paper bags produced by Samartha and Samriddhi Vikalchetna Self-Help Sangha. Everyone was astonished by the children of that association, as it is challenging for individuals with all organs to work in life. However, witnessing the paper bags crafted by these special need’s children, their enthusiasm, skills, and determination to succeed left a profound impression. Mr. Muhammad congratulated the children and wished them well.

In the afternoon, we observed the Gadag ASK Center at the Agricultural Extension Centre. Prior to that, a North Karnataka dinner was organized at the ASK Centre, and it was well-received by everyone. Later, Muhammad visited Sunita Hiremath, a member of the Kalyana Basaveshwara Sangh, who sells bread at the Gadag ASK Center. They discussed the profit and loss of this business. Sagar Virapannavar, an activist of the DEAL Foundation, informed Mohammad Aror about Orthotics Prosthetic & Viewing Device Equipment for facilitating handicapped farmers.

Subsequently, during the exhibition, various handicraft items such as dolls, masks, counting utensils, paper bags, fertilizer, seeds, etc., made by people with disabilities were showcased. Sagar provided detailed information about Veena Shakhana and Nirmala, who work there. Muhammad Aror expressed a favorable opinion accordingly.

Following that, he visited the Ujwala Mahila Self-Help Society of Betigeri village and engaged in discussions with all the members. In this association, they obtain loans and hire workers. Muhammad Aror, who observed the weaving machine and the sarees produced from it, took photos with everyone and concluded the Gadag inspection on the first day.

As per the plan for the second day of the SIDBI inspection, a visit to the Mevundi Ask Center was scheduled, including discussions with the Cooperative Society for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), engagement with DEAL Foundation workers, and a visit to the PWD Association. Accordingly, on the second day, Muhammad Aror visited the Ask Center in Mevundi village and observed the computer training center there. During discussions with the Cooperative Society, he inquired about the impact of the cooperative on the lives of disabled individuals. Subsequently, the Farmer Produce Company, approved by the government, was named ‘Eco-Friendly.’ Mohammad Arur, Surendra Shroff, Nick Edward, Head of the Agriculture Department, PDO, and many other dignitaries participated in one of its meetings.

After lunch, he held a discussion with the workers of the DEAL Foundation, providing suggestions on how to proceed with their work. Following this, he visited the “Nandini Swasahaya” group in Eklaspura village of Mundaragi taluk. The members of this group are involved in doll making, milk dairy work, dairy farming, and tailoring. Observing their activities, he advised them to establish their own shop, acquire more loans, and achieve greater financial development. Mohammad Arur also congratulated Virupaksha Gowda, who is engaged in business with tamarind. As a self-employed person with disabilities, he serves as an example for all disabled individuals. Mohammad Arur expressed his support, stating that his efforts will always find success at a high level.

Thus, the visit to SIDBI on the second day was a great success. Mohammad Arur expressed his opinion that the remaining work for the disabled should be carried out effectively.

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