Life story of Ningappa Kurubageri

The DEAL Foundation has been organizing workshops, orientation days, and other events to provide livelihood skill development training for the differently-abled in every taluk.

Women and men with disabilities in rural areas aspire to engage in livelihood and income opportunities to support their families. By ensuring equal participation without bias based on gender and disability, individuals with disabilities can actively contribute in various fields. The DEAL Foundation has provided opportunities for many such individuals with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives

Numerous individuals with disabilities have undergone training provided by the Deal Foundation and are actively involved in various livelihood activities. There are still individuals with disabilities who aspire to receive training from the Deal Foundation, hoping to elevate their livelihood activities to a higher level

Ningappa Kurubageri is among those individuals. Hailing from Konchigeri village in Shirahatti taluk, Ningappa belongs to a joint family. His family consists of his father Hanumanthappa, mother Gangamma, and two brothers along with one sister, making it a small yet close-knit family. Unfortunately, Ningappa has been blind since birth. Despite the initial sorrow that their first son couldn’t see, his parents found solace in their close-knit family. Hanumanthappa, his father, worked as a laborer to support the family, while Gangamma, his mother, took care of daily tasks. Growing up, Ningappa formed a strong bond with his mother, who nurtured him in her embrace. Ningappa harbored a desire to attend school and learn through Braille, but the constraints of poverty at home hindered his education

Later, Ningappa’s family expanded with the addition of two brothers and a younger sister. Despite facing challenges, Ningappa aspired to achieve something through education. However, his parents, working as wage earners, were tasked with supporting the growing family. Ningappa realized that attending school would place additional financial burdens on his parents, and the dilemma arose: should he pursue his education, causing difficulties for his parents, or should he prioritize supporting the family’s needs. This internal struggle showcases the sacrifices made by Ningappa, a testament to the appreciation deserving of his selfless considerations.

Ningappa took on the responsibility of leading his family, but fate dealt another blow. The family faced the additional challenge of Ningappa, blind from birth, and his sister, who was also born with a disability. Both parents were overwhelmed, facing hardships and health issues. Despite the challenges, Ningappa did not lose courage. He considered himself as the Mahalakshmi (goddess of wealth) of the household, determined to provide for his family. Even though he couldn’t see, Ningappa took on the role of a mother for his younger sister. Despite his blindness, Ningappa showcased remarkable intelligence. When taken to different places, he navigated step by step, demonstrating his independence. He accompanied his father and mother to work in the fields, contributing to the family’s livelihood.

Despite their financial struggles, Ningappa’s family found happiness. However, the loss of his ailing mother dealt another blow to their lives, making it challenging to sustain the family. Faced with the responsibility of caring for his father and younger sister after the loss, Ningappa felt compelled to take action. During his childhood, Ningappa spent time with friends, and Mangal Patil, who ran a grocery shop near his house, played a significant role. Ningappa often visited the shop, and Mangal Patil, akin to a mother figure, observed Ningappa’s life. Recognizing his potential, Mangal Patil encouraged and advised Ningappa to venture into business, providing him with the courage to pursue a new path.

With the support of Mangal Patil, Ningappa established a small shop named ‘Ningappa General Store’ and embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. He provided currency exchange services to customers and also offered SIM cards through Withcom. Every transaction at the shop ensured fair dealings, and customers received the correct amount. Ningappa’s commitment to honesty and integrity has earned him the trust of his customers, and by the grace of God, his business has thrived. Beyond ‘Ningappa General Store,’ he has inspired and supported the establishment of numerous Kirani General Stores. This business venture has not only brought success to Ningappa’s life but has also contributed to sustaining his family and livelihood.

Through the VRW (Village Resource Worker) of konchigeri Panchayat, Rekha Maddi, an enthusiastic Wood Officer from Shirahatti taluk associated with the Deal Foundation, identified Ningappa. After visiting his house and understanding his aspirations, Rekha Maddi introduced Ningappa to the opportunities offered by the Deal Foundation. Knowing Ningappa’s hopes of expanding his shop and business, Rekha Maddi assured him of the organization’s continuous support. Keeping her promise, Rekha Maddi facilitated the inclusion of Ningappa and 10 other individuals with disabilities in the formation of the ‘Sri Gajanan Vikalchethanara Self Help Society.’ Under the guidance of the Deal Foundation, they received training, empowering them to pursue their entrepreneurial endeavors at a higher level

Ningappa’s dream is to secure a bank loan on behalf of the ‘Sri Gajanan Vikalchethanara Self Help Society’ and establish a larger shop, providing employment opportunities for disabled individuals like himself. Rekha Maddi, the dedicated Wood Officer from the Deal Foundation, is actively making all the necessary preparations to fulfill this dream. In the coming days, it is anticipated that Ningappa’s dream will turn into reality, making him a role model and earning recognition at a higher level within society.

Ningappa shared his perspective on the Deal Foundation. Initially, he was managing his family through a small business, but he felt uncertain about the future. It was then that Rekha Maddi provided information about the benefits offered by the Deal Foundation, instilling confidence in Ningappa. He expressed gratitude for the support and looked forward to expanding his small business into a large-scale store that would provide opportunities for disabled individuals. Ningappa remains hopeful that his dream will be realized with the assistance of the Deal Foundation. He also appreciates the information provided about government facilities for people with disabilities. As a result, he pledges to be a steadfast supporter of Rekha Maddi and the Deal Foundation.

In this manner, the Deal Foundation has identified numerous individuals with disabilities, bringing brightness into their lives. All individuals with disabilities express the collective hope that this light will continue to shine for many more in the future.

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