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The term livelihood is quite familiar to all of us today, all of us in different ways focus on ways to either promote livelihood for oneself or for others. This is no different when we think of persons with disabilities, they are in as much need as others in being to live a sustained life which would feed and take care of them as well as their dependents.

Unfortunately today since most persons with disabilities have less exposure to the world outside due to the lack of awareness of abilities they possess or the fear of the society’s notion about a disabled person, it has been clearly seen that person having a disability lack the required skills and confidence to face the world at large.

Gone are the days when persons with disabilities lived as people who cannot contribute towards the society.  Now, as times go by, and the technology has certainly improved a great deal, there has been a strong urge among the disabled members to come out and prove themselves.

Therefore, the need for training and skills development also became very important as ideas of what could be done, and how it can be done needed to be imparted to these persons.

There are many NGOs and different other sectors working to promote training in different aspects that would enable people to help them  sustain themselves and also contribute socially, economically, and financially to a larger community based on the geographical setup they reside in, and the interest one has, and the ability to perform the task efficiently.

The advancement in technology and the ways in which it can be used to assist persons with disabilities is certainly an advantage as it has made life much more convenient and smooth.

Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation) whose main aim is to promote sustainable livelihood opportunities for 5000 families where there are persons with disabilities, works across the districts of Gadag and Bengaluru.

One of the main areas the foundation involves itself in is, to provide training to persons with disabilities based on the interest a person has, and the ability of the person. Currently, training across horticulture, tailoring, kitchen gardening etc. is being imparted to the members.

We form Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) comprising of 5 to 6 members of common background and interest. By doing this, it helps the members to get to understand things and people better, and also helps in imparting the necessary skills and knowledge to a larger group at the same time. Further, these members can also get together, and bring about different ideas to build on to the already existing ones.

We also promote awareness and training on other ways of being able to sustain livelihoods like sheep and goat rearing, dairy farming, etc.

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