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Rural development is important not only for the majority of the population residing in a rural area but the growth of rural activities is also necessary to stimulate the speed of overall economic expansion of the nation.

Rural development usually relates to the method of enhancing the quality of life and financial well-being of an individual specifically living in populated and remote areas.

Traditionally rural development is centred on the misuse of land-intensive natural resources such as forestry and agriculture. But today, increasing urbanisation and change in global production, networks have transformed the nature of rural areas.

Today, rural development still remains the core of the overall development of the country. This is because, more than two-thirds of the country’s population are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood and one-third of rural India is still below the poverty line. Therefore, it is important for the government to be productive and provide enough facility to upgrade their standard of living.

Rural development is a complete term that concentrates on the action taken for the development of rural areas that improve the village economy. However, few areas that demand more focused attention and new initiatives are.

  1. Education
  2. Public Health and Sanitation
  3. Women Empowerment
  4. Infrastructure Development (e.g. electricity, irrigation, etc.)
  5. Facilities for agriculture extension and research
  6. Availability of Credit
  7. Employment opportunity.

Importance of Rural Development

Rural development is important not only for the majority of the population residing in rural areas but the growth of rural activities is necessary to stimulate the speed of overall economic expansion of the nation.

Rural development is pretended to be noticeable importance in the country today than in the olden days in the process of the evolution of the nation. It is a strategy trying to obtain improved rural creation and productivity, higher socio-economic equality, and ambition, stability in social and economic development.

The primitive task is to decrease the famine roughly about 70 percent of the rural population, implement sufficient and healthy food. Later, serve fair equipment of clothing and footwear, a clean environment and house, medical attention, recreational provision, education, transport, and communication.

Objectives of Rural Development

The aim objectives composed by the government in the sixth five-year plan for rural development are

  1. To improve productivity and the wages of rural people.
  2. To guarantee increased and quick employment possibilities.
  3. To demolish unemployment and a notable decline in underemployment.
  4. To guarantee to increase the standard of living of the underprivileged population.
  5. To provide the basic needs – e.g. elementary education, health care, clean drinking water, and, rural roads, etc.

Approaches to rural development:

Rural development actions are intended to further the social and economic development of rural communities.

Rural development aims at finding ways to improve rural lives with participation of rural people themselves, so as to meet the required needs of rural communities. The outsider may not understand the setting, culture, language and other things prevalent in the local area. Therefore it is necessary that the   rural people themselves participate in their sustainable rural development. In developing countries like Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, China, integrated development approaches are being followed up. In this context, many approaches and ideas have been developed and implemented, for instance, bottom-up approaches, PRA- Participatory Rural Appraisal, RRA- Rapid Rural Appraisal, Working With People (WWP), etc.

Disability Entrepreneurship And Leadership (DEAL) Foundation works across the districts of Gadag and Bengaluru to promote sustainable livelihood opportunities for households of people with disabilities.

We also work towards developing the conditions of these families which contributes to rural development. Our goal is to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for five thousand people with disabilities across Gadag and Bengaluru districts by 2025.

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